Enrolled in a College course that is chewing up a lot of time for the next 16 weeks. 12 Volt Project has really has gone super well. Searching for a low voltage 12 volt motor with low amps for the Evap Cooler, Winning at this is very slow.

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Comment by dave simmon on May 11, 2013 at 3:38pm

Well Going into the 115 Volt world nice and Slow Slapped the plywood on the wall and working on battery stands plugging away slow but steady

Comment by Renewable Ray on May 11, 2013 at 3:49pm

I am watching with baited breathe to see what you come up with, I haven't put a lot of time into it but we need to build to mini swamp coolers for our tiny house [really should call it tiny workshop] in town and one for the tool shed/workshop in the mountain. Need to source a small 12 volt water pump as well.

Comment by dave simmon on May 12, 2013 at 4:16am

I am looking at the swamp coolers as if they are an aquarium. The well pump can be pulled off with a low cost pump from HF If the water table is above 20 ft. Mine is 12 ft. to cool the shed off. and house I have put Cool Coat on my roof. I had a BlackJack/Aluminum Coat on it before that in the Fall you cold not stand on the roof it was so hot. I raked leaves off the roof it was unbearable. The Came the Cool coat. I can sit on my roof and drink coffee on it. Its 10 bucks a gallon. If you put it on that small shed it may just do the trick.

12vt Swamp cooler parts List if I go from scratch.

Plastic 30 or 55 gallon Barrel. Have

Straw ( Aspen Pad ) Have

Car/Truck Radiator Fan ( Dont have yet Researching for High Cfm is rough )

In Tank Solar water pump Harbor freight( In theory it should work)

PVC Pipe

I have most of the parts. Time is a factor right now. I dont thing the Wife likes it when she smells smoke an burning plastic. So I am moving slow. I will post Pics as I complete the projects

Comment by Renewable Ray on May 12, 2013 at 9:49am

So you are mounting your float in the 30/55 gallon barrel?

Comment by dave simmon on May 12, 2013 at 3:10pm

Sorry Ray For the main house I will still be modifying the Swamp Coolers. For my workshop about 8 ft wide x 14 I will be bu using a cutting up one of my 30/30 Gallon plastic drums. The AutoMech course I just completed was auto electrical systems.

Yes the Float will be in the barrel. Farm and Ranch stores have the float and switch for around 10 bucks.

The Hardest Part will be finding the right fan. It has to shove the air out. Their is a Dual Chevy Radiator Fan for a Chevy 1500 that should do the trick.

Wife thinks I am Nuts at 60 doing these things. But she thought I was nuts when I built a 16 Ft Tall solar Water heater/Shower. We havent Used a Gas or electric water heater in over a year. We have shoved our electric bill down to 30 bucks.

I will try to post pictures as I get projects done.

60 years Old retired and board.

Comment by dave simmon on May 13, 2013 at 5:32pm


If you are still following I have been scooped. This is a YouTuber who had made it way simpler here is the link.




Comment by Renewable Ray on May 14, 2013 at 8:14am

Well, it is a great idea. But sourcing these coolers could be a problem. The housing itself [which is all we need] is the first thing to go bad. Finding a good one before it gets thrown off a roof might be doable if we find someone in the industry. I don't have any experience with these bilge pumps but my impression of them is that they are not design for 24 hour a day, 6 months service. But they are cheap, here's one on Amazon for $11.00.

But great idea, the automotive fan may not be a low amp draw item but it will hold up to the moisture. OK, now to find a box!


Comment by dave simmon on October 12, 2013 at 4:30pm

Slowed down. Its been a while since I looked at this post. Currently The Six panels have been doing a great job. I jump the Battery bank up to 8. I have the mounts up for the second Six panels. I was worried about the HF heavy Duty switches but HF called back and a 300 amp spike is nothing to these thank god they will handle 1000 amps for 15 seconds then 150 amps continuous at 12 volts Max voltage is 32 volts. This was good news.

1 full semester and 10 weeks the Solar Hydrogen car at school is eating up alot of time. But it is starting to look like a real car. Man when someone donates something for a class project hang on. But I still belive the students are committed to it.

The 12 volt Evap gave way to the 8 Batteries and a Tripp lite inverter. It does cool the house. Not A/C but it was great during the summer 0f 2013. With the EVAP off I now have Juice to spare

I found a step up transformer 110 up to 220 for my well pump. That is the next project. Big Tank is needed the tower will be rough I think 16 ft will do it.

Solar Is a great hobby and works best when My Wife sees the power bill taking hits


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