Wow been a while since i posted. Looking back, Hot water on solar. Wife trained. 11 DM 148s hot and running. Evap cooled house on solar,Two DM 158s added. Then added two HF Kits to my light bank.Two   Battery bank in place. not bad for almost two years in. I burned up alot of lights and fried a tv and a inverter. But house is still intact. Its warming up now.

We had two power outages in here. We didn't know it. The power company has put in two of the smart meters and our bill during the winter months hit 12 bucks over the min required to keep service. Hope everyone here came out ok. Ice everywhere here.

I took a Operating system course and moved my PC to Linux MEPIS. Got tired of Microsoft and now I am done with them. If anyone else want to jump away from them just shoot me  a line.

Ok Back to project. Solar Oxy/Hydrogen card project is back on the kids at the college have worked hard on it expect to be done with it this semester, Water tower telephone poles have been cut. Two 320 gallon tanks are ready. Frame has been built for a solar heater a big one. The snow and Ice did hammer a couple of my neighbors trees. I am getting more sunlight.

I thought I would be done but this stuff gets into your blood.

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Comment by dave simmon on March 12, 2014 at 2:34pm

Started Cutting Copper bus Bars today. Jumped back on the roof. Panels and frames did not get loose after the storm we had,

Expanding the Solar project here. Taring up the water tower legs. will try to put is up this month

OK Just daily thoughts

Comment by dave simmon on March 31, 2014 at 4:53pm

Slow going right now. I now have a project brewing an old All metal travel trailer. Looks like it was made in the 60s. But solid.

Plan is to use it as a bug out cabin, Lights and wire I got. Two DM 158s will be slapped on top of it. Two GC Batterys. Should provide enough juice to be roughly comfortable.

Should keep me busy.

Almost forgot the Ice storm we had. Power went out. Trees on the line. Once again money well spent on the system



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