Over a year on the solar band wagon. Today inverters and switches came together wire fell into place. I had wall three inverters lit up washing machine evaporative cooler, frig, TV and DVD going all at once. No Smoke No Fire. No Hot wires after 3 hrs. I sat out watching the Power room ( Its 105 Here today) Fire extinguisher and water hose ready to go.

I was surprised the Tiger Claw 1500 seem about as good as the HF inverter.  Started everything at 9 AM shut the power room off at 4. I am using 150 amp fuses and need to wait for the lower amp ones to come in.

But for now other than the mess It has been a good day

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Comment by dave simmon on August 10, 2013 at 4:19pm

Well the lower amp fuses arrived today. I pulled all the 150 AMP fuses out and replaced the 8 Gauge with 40 AMP Fuses. The 4 Gauges with 70 Amp Fuses. Hey I was blowing fuses in no time flat.Mainly on the Tripp Lite 2000/4000 watt commercial Grade unit. Blew a 70 then a 80 then at five bucks a pop grabbed an Amp Meter for a car and placed it around the cables. The Tripp Lite when turned on slams a 200 amp Surge off the battery then jumps down to 2 Amps. I placed a 150 Amp fuse in it and it held the 200 amp surge just fine.

I am still green at this. So once the fuses were stable we at five o'clock went solar until bedtime evap cooler. TV DVD and fridge. Wife did one load of clothes,

No smoke, no fire. 11 o'clock we still had juice.

Monday we will be going for the full day. I need a beer

Comment by dave simmon on August 13, 2013 at 3:46pm

Well today We hit 24 hrs off the grid with the exception of the well pump. I will work on that after I get the next six panels up.

No Smoke no fire going into day 2.

Comment by dave simmon on August 15, 2013 at 5:00pm

Hit 36 Hrs. I think we are going to be OK with this. I have started the Install of the second Six panels. CC and Ground bars got up. I have so much of this great looking 6 Gauge wire Not the fine Stranded I intend to use it From CC to Bat Bank. Its a short run. I am going to test this stuff out in the driveway at 20 feet. Stiff but when bent into shape it stays there. I will set up two DM 145s and see what kind of voltage I get, It its good its going into the Array if not hey its short run CC to Batteries.

I have to do some load balancing this weekend,  Looks like a trip to HF for amp monitor, Cooler weather soon. Means the evap can be turned off. Thats a big win,

Comment by dave simmon on August 18, 2013 at 3:28pm

OK I guess things are looking stable. Trying now to begin doubling up on the 4 Gauge wire. I have two of the 2 of Tsunami Distribution Ground Block (2) 1/0 Gauge In (6) 4 Gauge...

From the looks of it and after reading the Product description I should be able to do it. I can only seem to get on 4 Gauge in Per space. But the Maker of the product say Six of them.

Well Its just another Battle.

Comment by Dale Marshall on August 18, 2013 at 4:41pm

Here's the Ones I use.....

Comment by dave simmon on August 19, 2013 at 2:55pm

Thanks Dale . Glad you are on the watch.

Today I worked on the Next frame rack for the Six new panels going up. This will give me 12 DM 145s. Once up. Since I am using PMW CC. I will need to squeeze every amount of juice I can out of these.


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