Well I was off today and since it had been a while I took a good look at the Batteries, And decided to do some Maint/Cleanup. Well Being color blind is not a plus, I cleaned up the terminals added a little H2O Put a red wire where a black out to be. You know the rest, Panels and the House hold lights made it fine. The APEX TV however had a bad day. Thank god for Walmart and its extended warranty. Had to ship it back to the WH, but a new one is in route. As with my Comrades in a quest to be Cutting edge.

 We forget sometime the cutting edge involves blood or envokes a cost, I was lucky today. I know it wont last. I really thought I had the red black thing right.

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Comment by dave simmon on April 24, 2013 at 5:42pm

Still in School one week left then I can hit hi gear again on the solar project. Got the Tiger Claw 1500 in. I will be moving slow on it. Wireing Is ready to rock and roll.

Comment by dave simmon on May 23, 2013 at 4:31pm

The Tiger Claw Looks like a win. The HF 2000/4000 Runs the washer and dryer no noise? What up with that. I placed a HF 5000/10000 and no noise but when I turn the washer off ( Not the dryer) Loud and I mean Loud KLUNK Sound. Did this twice to make sure. Tiger Claw no noise at all/ HF 2000/4000 No noise no Klunk. HF 5000/10000 Loud Klunk?
 WTF Hmmm 5000/10000 HF May be going back. Both Of the HF are Mod Sine wave. Just weird. I am going to really beat on the HF 5000/10000 in the AM. I will post what I fine out.

Comment by No One on May 23, 2013 at 6:19pm
So, what was the amp draw on your bank for those two (washer dryer) and you ran both at the same time? O, what was the inverters constant draw and did the fan shut down or stays running?
Comment by dave simmon on May 24, 2013 at 4:33am


120 X 7.0 Amps Gas Dryer     =      840 watts
120 X 8.0 Amps washing machine  =    960. watts

Both on the HF 5000/10000. Very Loud Klunk on turning off the Washer( I mean Scared the Wife Klunk and Suprised me. There is a bit More on the HF 5000/10000 as it may be faulty.

Now the HF 2000/4000 worked both no Klunk no noise. It from a Noise and sound point worked the washer and dryer ( I have no equipment to check it other than sound) Keep in mind one at a time. It seemed no diff from the TC 1500/3000 that I could tell. Both ran them no Noise no loud clunk on tuning them off.

Here is how the purchase of the 5000/10000 went. It May be faulty. Always check the Box at HF

Well it was 409 and I had a coupon for 25 percent off. We had to go to Big D so at 306.00 we picked it up.

When we got there they had two in Store. The Boxes looked beat up. So I asked if these were returns. I was told no Sir. I asked if i could look at them. Well a dead give away on Box one Parts were Missing. Hmmm odd I thought so I pulled the unit out for a closer inspection ( The documentation had notes on it and a had written name. And the 1 800 help line was written down. The customers Name was Stan i forget his last name but it was there.

I asked to speak to a manager and they said they were sorry and removed it from the shelf.

Box two was beat up But all the parts were there. I had a heart to heart with the manager. I would take the unit but if it did not run my swamp cooler I was bringing it back.
Well it did not. I am going to trouble shoot it tomorrow. It also makes a loud Klunk when WM is shut down If it dont kick start the Evap  it off  its going back Saturday.

I will live with what I got. Just letting you know XXXXXX it will run the washer and dryer. But So will the 2000/4000 HF I have.

Ryan. My Bank right now Is an 06 Ranger. I am making sure things light up. Before I wire up the Power center. I know this is not the way it is supposed to be done. But I am not an expert I am retired and I have a lot of time slow and steady

Comment by No One on May 24, 2013 at 6:38pm
Keep me updated. When I return home ill be doing lights. Might order one fan to check it out...
Comment by dave simmon on July 17, 2013 at 3:32pm

Just notes been out of school for a week 1/2 now. Swinging it hard at the power room. Most likely I am doing things backwards.  Mounting the Inverters on the wall and made a table for the big boy. Lots of cash tied up in the project. The assembly Phase is where I am at. Seems to still look almost impossible. But I though that when I did the lights too.

The HF 2000/4000 looks cool on the wall. Its goal washer and dryer when needed. Off when not needed.

The Unproven tiger claw 1500. Fits nice under the HF. Its goal Fridge 24/7 it will catch the brunt of it. It will either prove good or fry. I need it to fail before the 1 year warranty is out.  If it cooks after that hey I was out the cash already. Lesson learned.

Tripp lite 2000-4000 sole job run a swamp cooler. If needed i can switch it to run a well pump as needed

Small 200 watt unit. Hmm Came with the Sunforce 60 watt kit. Use it as a hocky puck maybe??

Drilling holes in the walls for cut off switches. Wife aint happy about it but the electric bill numbers dont lie so she is putting up with it as long as I can Hide the switches,and I can.

Well all in all I have not burned my house down yet  Wife hasnt shot me either. So I guess I am doing good.

Just a note we did have the power go out in the area we live in again last night. 12 Volt lights and TV held up fine we did not know it untile we looked at the trailer court next door. Dark over there.

Comment by dave simmon on July 17, 2013 at 3:37pm

Almost forgot

My Boss and fellow solar head bought a HF 5000/10000. He had the same results I had with it. Loud klunks on equipment, Washer and Dryer. He is an electrician and is digging into it.

Comment by Mike Riley on July 17, 2013 at 5:42pm
I am surprised they all did not do it, I wonder if the one that does not has more of a pure sine than a modified!


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