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There is my system in the back! I bought a warranty with it. I;m looking forward to putting it up. I was really impressed with the packing of entire system. They did a real good job being sure everything stayed secured.


I am a bit worried about the charge controller after reading so many bad write ups on-line.  It seems most of the write up on are the older system not the new one that I have.



Been posting at forums, lots of great peeps help'in me out!    I found out I have the old HF system. Looks like the metal frame on panels and mount means you have the old ones.  So I am a little concerned but I guess it will be okay.

My kit is still in box, I am just itching to get it out and install it but I still need to build a combiner, buy a battery and a converter. So no use in just putting up panels just to do it, I am gonna try to wait till I can actually hook it all up at one time!!!

I guess I am going to do a roof mount...I have sooo many trees I wont get much charge time on the ground...



I hooked up my system yesterday just to play with it on the back patio. Ended up charging my kids DS thing...kinda cool!    I am looking forward to making a material list for combiner and such, buying some wire and running everything in a permanent matter.   I really hate to do a roof mount but I don't have any choice.   I hate the cheap metal mount that came with the system so I think I am going to have to design my own...I will be uploading pics of my install and stuff soon....



So I spent a lot of time researching today. Here is my install...I am sure I will have many updates as ya all tell me whats wrongs with it.



So well, after reading what the guys are saying they think I need to put the combiner as close to the panels as possible...not sure why...I have asked em but haven't got a response yet... I am now moving on to my mounting system....not gonna use the crap I got with HF I will be looking for ideals. My first thought is pvc to roof the panels to pvc.....I can go flat to roof because the angle is great for my area.



Ok it looks like I am going to move my combiner closer to panels then use 6 gauge 2 strand marine cable from combiner to disconnect in basement. Also PVC is a bad I will be researching pics more to see what Kind of roof mount I want to. Thank God for this site, cause everything I thought to do has been wrong so far!



I just traded my old HF system in for the new one a few days ago.  It is a lot simpler then the old one....and a lot nicer as well!   I have been cutting down a lot on my first I went crazy with all this junk.....but now i am going to keep it simple and do it. Next pay check I should have enough money to get it all mounted and stuff! Looking forward to it.....I have also been crunching numbers, HF system is way to expensive per I will more then likely be moving  on to eBay for my panels after the first set is up and running.



 Just installed my system today, be uploading videos as well. I am very happy with the new HF plastic panel system.

I also just added my videos to youtube and linked em here under videos, just search Brian Dessauer

Been a long time since i have been here. I just got some batteries and worked them in series. I will be adding picture in a day or so to this blog. Haven't done much with the system just had it around for emergency use only. Now, I am looking to expand on the system to do more with the house and lights. Going from emergency to home use is a big step ans I am sure I am going to need more help along the way. I have darn near forgot most of what I had learned in the last go around been spending a lot of time in the forums just refreshing my memory!

here are my videos in one spot

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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