Came out of the bad weather slowdown. I got two 45 Watt kits up and tied into my two 12 Volt marine Batts, Lites should be good to go total watts in panels for the lights alone is now 210 Watts.

Small Job gave a moral boost to me

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Comment by dave simmon on December 7, 2013 at 6:26am

Man the last three days clouds and freezing rain. 12 Volt Lights are holding. Surprised 25 degrees. DM 145 are keeping the eight GC batts up, Now this is a test. No clear sky for two more days. The new said just north of us folks are out of power. Limbs&Ice on power lines.

Well if the Solar doesnt hold out. I guess We will have a test of my NG gen unit conversion. Just posting on the blog


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