would  like to charger a 24v sla currie e-bike battery by solar panels. I tried doing it with an  ( inverter contected to 12 v battery) inverter connected to elecrtic charger that came with the battery but I failed and damage the electric charger. The SLA battery take a 1.8 amperes for 6 to 8 hrs charge. If I could I would like to go from solar charger to battery having the panels providing the charge.

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Comment by Hillbilly Gene on April 16, 2012 at 5:28pm

Hi Alonzo,


Charging a SLA battery demands tighter regulation on the charging voltage than a flooded lead acid battery requires.  You just can’t replace water boiled out of a SLA.


Take a look at: http://www.powerstream.com/SLA.htm


At the bottom of Power Stream’s web page are some DC Input Battery Chargers.  Unless someone on this forum has working experience doing what you want to do, I would suggest contacting Power Stream about your situation.


I’m going to guess that being plugged into a modified sine wave inverter rather than a pure sine wave inverter damaged your e-bike charger beyond its protection fuse.


If you haven’t been keeping track, review the "Charging My Lawn Mower Battery" discussion on this forum.

The easiest way to do what you want is to buy another e-bike charger, a pure sine wave inverter, a HF 45-watt kit, and a good deep-cycle battery.  Not the cheapest way, but the easiest way.


Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Hillbilly Gene



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