Are You Sure You Want The Economy to get Better?

I think if you ask the general public who the average "do it yourself solar energy enthusiast" is they would say he or she is someone who is trying to save some money. And sure, that's true for a lot of us. Including me! 

But that is just part of what motivates most of us, I think most of our members are motivated by what I call "fear of being plunged into darkness". And no matter how small your system is you will avoid that when Mr. Big Grid decides it's your "brown out day" for what ever reason. 

So why do I ask "are you sure you want the economy to get better" is the fact that Mr. Grid can barely maintain what we are using now better yet the additional strain of a better economy and adding electric cars into the mix. My favorite step daughter lives in L.A. and every time she hears the work electric car she goes through the roof. "Keep your electric car out of my city" she blurts out. And this is a non political person that could care less about energy issues. She just knows first hand what "brown outs" mean to her little corner of the world.

So do I advocate solar energy? I advocate every possible form of energy we can get our hands on, time to wake up and realize that countries like China are moving around the planet scarfing up the rights to energy at every corner of the world. And it's uranium and coal and mining rights to have the materials to build solar. While we sit back catering to the environmentalist groups that keep us from even maintaining existing sources of water and energy that have deals of any kind with the federal government.

And you might be surprised who our allies are. As some of you know I am a commodities trader for my "day job" and I will tell you that my peers, mostly oil and gas traders, the evil enemy LOL are the ones with the money on the sidelines and the understanding that we need it all and are willing to invest in our energy future if the government would just get out of the way. These are guys and gals that understand the numbers and our future. And the one fact that these same people understand so much more then the average American is....Energy = food. The largest cost input for food is energy. And that energy is mostly crude oil at this point, but energy of all types.

How ironic that most people would think that oil industry people could care less about solar power, maybe even be anti solar. Yet everyone of these folks I know are spending a fortune on solar energy at their own homes. Think they know something?

One thing is for sure. The result of that better economy that we all dream of will be sky rocketing oil prices. Your worried about having gas in your car and the price of that gas. Think food. Time to mount that solar and plants them seeds. And stop talking about "return on investment".


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Comment by Dale Marshall on June 19, 2012 at 2:38pm

I usually don't agree with alot said sometime. But this time I have to totally agree with Ray. So far the past few years I have seen prices skyrocket in the Area of country I live In. Not only has gasoline went through the roof, Prices of Food and everyday things we all need to have. Mainly do to skyrocketing prices of delivery of merchandise thanks to the rising prices of Oil.

Over the past few years My wife and I has started Buying into Solar because we believe the grid will have it;s day and crash. Also we have started our own little garden for those vegetables we like so much because of the prices once again. Even our City water department has raised water rates so high I even went as far as Rainwater Storage system for watering the garden and water use outside.

I have even thought of implementing a small water system for our toilets since thats where a-lot of water is being basically flushed down the drain.

There is so many way to save money by using the environment at your advantage its plain crazy. And I honestly believe we could all live off grid if we really wanted to. But like Ray said, The government will always be the biggest wall to get over.

For myself I have decided to not climb the wall. Thats just too much rope. I figured I will just blast through the wall and ignore them. Seems to be the logical way.

Comment by Renewable Ray on June 19, 2012 at 2:45pm

My new favorite saying....."That's to much rope"....that will be my response every time someone tells me how arguing about politics is going to change anything. 

And rainwater? Emergency or not your plants will love the nitrogen filled rain water compared to the chlorine laced city/private water. Makes a huge difference!

Comment by Dave Bryant on June 29, 2012 at 10:10pm

I want the economy to get better.

But realistically it's not going to happen. We have a debt load in this country that cannot be paid back. Unless of course we create even more $$ out of thin air. At some point the dollar will be so devalued we will be facing severe inflation. Add to that the fact that the US dollar is slowly losing it's world reserve status.

I think between now and 2020 is going to be very interesting, if we even have that long. We can't carry this debt load forever without something very bad happening...

Comment by Big Moe on June 29, 2012 at 10:23pm

This is a tough subject. I have multiple views on it and most of the conflict either with each other or my personal beliefs.

I truely do want the economy to get better. I would like it to excel past the best times I've known. The benefits far outweight the drawbacks for me. When the economy was booming it was a workers market. I could change jobs at will and always for better pay and benefits. When the economy is down I am still able to move forward in my current job and can change jobs, but the market is now an employers market. The raises and intangable benefits are not as forthcoming.


I also feel that when the economy raises it brings down the prices of the standard items like food and clothing. Once you have alot of companies doing well they drop the prices to compete with each other. When a company is fighting to stay alive, the quality of service as well as the quality of products seems to drop. They cut their workforce which allow quality to drop because the lower amount of workers are producing the same amount of product.


As for ROI.... my ROI is everytime I turn on my lights. A spreadsheet does not determine my ROI, but using my power completes my ROI everytime.



Comment by Renewable Ray on June 29, 2012 at 10:34pm

You know, I do think this economy will be a lot better some day. But we need to feel the pain first. Stop printing money and adjust to the future oil prices. The urbanization of this country will actually end up improving our economy but it will just take years to get there.

I do envision a day when oil is expensive enough that importing anything will not be practical. Your furniture won't be coming from China anymore, it will be coming from Utah again.

And because of the weakness of the dollar we won't be able to afford to compete with other countries for oil from the middle east so we'll only be using oil produced here in the U.S.

Wouldn't this be terrible.    ;-]

Comment by John J. on September 5, 2012 at 10:49am

Yeah I would like the economy to get better. I would also like to retire in 10 years, or less. Some say that's a pipe dream, and they say it with a smile. I say who needs them.

I think the problem with not importing is we've done it for so long I'm not sure theres enough know how or innovation left to actually manufacture or produce products we'll need. Then theres the government, we as individuals and small businesess are regulated, taxed, subsidised and legislated to DEATH. The EPA wants to regulate dust. Half these stinkin beurocrats arn't worth minimum wage. So we get stuck with 'feel good' laws that people cheer about but get lost in the chuffle.

There's certain economic powers that be, that don't want you know how to be independant. In fact they would much rather have people become more dependant. Why bother knowing how to grow your own food when you can burn gas and buy it at a grocery store? Some people actually belive that is where food comes from. Why bother knowing & understanding the food chain, or what it takes so someone can enjoy that delicious steak or just a good burger, when all they need to do is pay for it and dispose of the trash that isn't recycled and get back to work. If in fact, they are lucky enough to have a good job in the first place. Your 30 minute lunch break is over. Make sure you clock in and out on time, so payroll can deduct your taxes. Millions waiting to spend their benifits card on potato chips are counting on you.

You guys ever watch a movie called U-571 or DasBoot? The common thing, aside from u-boats (duh), was to survive and get to the next day but first, they had to plug the leaks.


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