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Is Elon Musk the "Übermensch"

By Jared Dillian

Elon Musk just…

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Beyond Tesla: The Huge Profit Potential of Lithium

By Tony Sagami

One of the stocks that I get the most questions about is Tesla. I’m not sure whether investor interest is due to the gorgeous lines of the Tesla Model S, its amazing high performance engine, the high flying stock, or the energy saving nature of all electric vehicles….. but Tesla is a very popular subject.…


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Thomas Edison’s Dream Smashed

Agree or disagree....but I couldn't resist sharing......

By Adam J. Crawford,…


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Are You Sure You Want The Economy to get Better?

I think if you ask the general public who the average "do it yourself solar energy enthusiast" is they would say he or she is someone who is trying to save some money. And sure, that's true for a lot of us. Including me! 

But that is just part of what motivates most of us, I think most of our members are motivated by what I call "fear of being plunged into darkness". And no matter how small your system is you will avoid that when Mr. Big Grid decides it's your "brown out day"…


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To Ban or Not to Ban, that is the question!

Renewable Ray here, site administrator for the Harbor Freight 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit Community.

I have been getting a lot of private messages from members about a few things and I thought I would create a blog post to touch on a few of those.

Probably the biggest complaint I have been getting is that myself or another administrator [oh yes, they are lurking out there] has edited a members post. Well, sorry but that won't change for so many reasons. One of them…


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Day One.....The Water Saving Bucket Garden is Up and Growing!

I was hoping that some of my good friends here on the Harbor Freight Solar Kit Forum were doing some gardening and would visit our newest site The Tucson Bucket Garden and share some input on what we are doing with our water saving gardening technique.

Our first six buckets are in the ground and our adventure with growing veggies in bottomless buckets is happening! Not only does it appear to be saving a TON of water…


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Investing in the Smart Grid: Debunking the Three Biggest Myths About This Energy Industry

After all, the messy dotcom boom to bust of 10 years ago is a stark

reminder of what can happen when too much money chases after an industry

that can’t keep up. Today, investment capital money is consistently

flowing to another hot area. In fact, companies within this segment of

the energy sector received more than half of all venture capital money

in 2009.

I’m talking about “Smart Grid” companies, that is, those helping to beef

up the U.S. power grid… Continue

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Do You Really Understand GTI's.....Grid Tie Inverters

With the new inexpensive GTI's [grid tie inverters] that have come on the market, the DIY market is all the rage for them. And with good reason. If you are just getting started making your own energy, the task of managing a battery bank can be… Continue

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Solar Power System Sizing Estimator

Here is a great tool if you are just… Continue

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Harbor Freight 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit

I wanted to do a post on one of the most popular subjects in the alternative energy arena....The Harbor Freight 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit. It only makes sense that this kit gets so much attention, it's inexpensive!

Let's face it, the majority of people interested in solar energy and… Continue

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