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"45 Watt Solar Panel Kit" ? Why is this kit called a "45 Watt" kit? Why not...say a... "30 Watt" kit?

I have never measured more than 30 watts. The greatest voltage was 14.5 and the highest current was 1.9 amps. If Watts = Volts * Amps or in this case 14.5 * 1.9 = 27.6 Watts. This reading was obtained 12:30 PM on June 20, 2011.  Though many other readings were close, this was the highest seen during 2011.

NOTE: Current was kept flowing to the battery bank as long as additional load was added to keep the Charge Controller Cuttoff Voltage at 14.5 or below. The current flow being…


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Added Another Harbor Freight Panel Set

I purchased another harbor freight panel set today at a new harbor freight store located in bayshore ny. I purchased it for about $150.00 and I now have 5 sets one 70 watt sunforce panel and 15 watt suitcase panel for a total of of 310 watts. I run my full size fridge 8 hours a day with power left over. I have a 3000 watt inverter - 4 marine deep cycle batteries - one deep cycle blue top optima battery - doc wattson monitor - 25 watt amp meter and an automatic transfer switch. I also found a… Continue

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Keeping the SUN

Ever since the dawn of time, we have as a people have wanted to harness some of the Sun's power. Utilizing solar to gather energy & then storing it in a battery is the way to go.Years ago I myself got into this self reliance thing, I started out with 1 Harbor Freight system and 1 battery. I was in self reliant heaven, burning led lights along with buying 12 volts items that if I didn't even need them now, I might need them  later. Then I didn't think I had enough power, so what did I do,…


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Just Installed an Automatic Transfer Switch

I just installed an automatic transfer switch which i have my fridge connected to so now I can run my fridge on solar power and when it run low on solar power then it operates on utility power automatically. I have four sets of harbor freight 180 watts and 0ne 70 watt panel = 250 watt - five deep cycle batteries - 3000 watt inverter - one doc wattson energy monitor - 25 amp meter - and a black and decker… Continue

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