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Are You Sure You Want The Economy to get Better?

I think if you ask the general public who the average "do it yourself solar energy enthusiast" is they would say he or she is someone who is trying to save some money. And sure, that's true for a lot of us. Including me! 

But that is just part of what motivates most of us, I think most of our members are motivated by what I call "fear of being plunged into darkness". And no matter how small your system is you will avoid that when Mr. Big Grid decides it's your "brown out day"…


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AIMS 2500/5000 Watt inverter question

I have 2 HF kits (6 panels) combined in junction box into two 20 feet of 10 gauge (1 black+1 red) to a sunforce digital 30amp charge controller, reading 5.5 amps in full sun, in mid ILLINOIS. It can read that the battery is full after a couple days of charging (too many trees, only get 2-3 hours of good sun). The battery is EVERSTART 125Ah deep cycle marine, conntected to the AIMS 2500/5000 Watt inverter. Big question: Why can't I run a 15amp power saw (like Larry Solarman Taylor video)? On… Continue

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Do You Really Understand GTI's.....Grid Tie Inverters

With the new inexpensive GTI's [grid tie inverters] that have come on the market, the DIY market is all the rage for them. And with good reason. If you are just getting started making your own energy, the task of managing a battery bank can be… Continue

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Solar Power System Sizing Estimator

Here is a great tool if you are just… Continue

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