The current setup

Here is my current setup.. It is 5.2kw in solar... plus the two wind generators. I have another 1.2kw to install. I will have them up in a couple of weeks. Also you see the three L's... the Lily Pad, the Leaf and the Leper. These are the three electric cars that my family drives. The Leper was my gateway drug and we have expanded since.

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Comment by Raymond Dias on May 12, 2014 at 8:47am

So do you also have solar on the RV?

My wife and i are shopping around for one this year and i plan on installing solar on the roof as well as maximize battery storage,


Comment by Big Moe on May 12, 2014 at 9:58am

Hello Raymond,

I do have solar on the RV.. but it is only to keep the start and house battery charged when it is not hooked to power. So I am lacking a bit in that area.  If we keep it I will expand the solar.  At this point we do not use it outside of camping parks that often.  Now that it is just me and the wife our adventures consists mainly of motorcycle excursions with a tent as the lodging.



Comment by Johann on May 15, 2014 at 8:47pm

Nice set-up.

Which one of those cars do yo like best and which one will give you the most millage per charge.

Comment by Big Moe on May 16, 2014 at 4:12pm

Hello Johann,

Now that is a loaded question... Here is my take.  The Leper is my Favorite EV car. But that is with an asterik. When I drive the Leper I do have a bit of range anxiety, but it is not from the batteries.. it is from the overall drive hoping that all will go well.  It has left me stranded 3 times. SO, that is a big weight on my mind when I drive it.

The Leaf has the most range by far. I drive it round trip to work each day, which is about 100 miles. Now I also did this same trip with the Leper.. but when I get to work with the Leper it is about dead and I cannot drive it on the highway. So, the Leper needs a charge as soon as I arrive to work and then it gets a nearly full charge for the trip home.  The Leaf is by far the most fantastic electric car that I have for everyday travel. It does not care if I'm in the city or cruising the highway. I can also drive it at lunch once I get to work... the Leper does not allow that if I want to make it home on the same charge.


The Lily Pad is the least of the bunch. It has alot of range.. about 65 miles, but it only goes 35 mph at this point. I need to change out the speed controller to help speed it up a bit. It was originally a NEV but it is now registered as a regular car and once I change out that controller, it should top out around 55. Currently one of my daughters drives it to school and around town.


Thanks for asking


Comment by Johann on May 24, 2014 at 8:45pm

This is very interesting.

I did not know that there is such thing as a NEV and what it meant until you said some about it. Question....Since you registered the NEV as a regular car, doesn't all the safety features have to work like on a regular car? what happen if a feature is not build into this NEV....does it mean that this NEV car would not pass inspection?

Where do you find the controllers at, like the speed controller you are talking about.

I was trying to find the '' Lily Pad '' car , is this the real name of it. I could not find any info on it.

Did you ever find out how many watts it takes to charge a car?

I am sorry for all those questions I have and thank you very much.

It is a good idea to give your daughter the Lily Pad, at least there is no worry to get a speeding ticket. My son aquaplaned last year with my car and with a Lili Pad it would had not happen, he just went over the speed limit and I ended up with an dented car and with and a flat tire. You just have to love your kids and be thankful that they are still alive.

Comment by Big Moe on May 27, 2014 at 8:43am

Hello Johann,

There are no inspections in Michigan. So there was nothing to pass inspection. The key to the registration is the VIN number. Most NEV's have a shorter VIN and cannot be registered for standard road use. But this vehicle had a regular length VIN. This allowed me to get a regluar title and registration.


The controller that I have in the Leper is an Alltrax unit. They can be bought directly from the manufacture or from Ebay. Now a new controller will not speed up every NEV.. but it will with this unit because of the build. What I have found is that the controller that is in the unit allows a surge of Amps to get you going but as soon as you get up to about 25 mph it cuts the amps and once you get to 35 mph it will not allow any extra.. just enough to maintain the speed.  So I plan on changing the controller to the same unit I am using now. I can connect to the unit using my laptop and adjust the speed and torque curves. This will allow for the extra speed I want. The current unit does not allow any adjustments.


Also the name Lily pad is just a name my daughter gave the car because of the color. It is a Shi Feng. I think it is a model SFK-403 but I don't have that info in front of me right now.  If you search for a Shi Feng electric car you will see some of the info. I only know of two of these units that have been imported to the US at this time. Mine is a 2009 that was imported by a company in Utah. They brought in two of them for testing. I was able to purchase this unit from the broker that imported them once the testing was done. He had kept the other unit when I purchased this one.


The watts to charge the car is dependent upon your charger and the size of the battery bank. So.. I installed a 72v battery bank in this particular car and I have a 72v - 20A charger for it. So it draws around 12 - 14 amps to charge the bank at 110v. The batteries I'm using are the 6v units from Sam's club. There are 12 of them in my bank.

My daughter has a regular gasoline car also, but uses this one for all of the local trips and for going to school. The Gas car is for everything that involves the highway.




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