My Panels

512 watts. (8-Unisolar 64's) The platform is 20' from ground level. It's fun to go up there in the winter to clean the snow off them..

I have 2.4 kW. waiting to be installed. (20-Kyocera 120's)

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Comment by Johann on June 17, 2014 at 1:31pm


There are other ways to ""defrost or remove snow"" from panels.

If you have well water or city water you could water-spray clean them with cold water that would have in the mid 50's degree water. After done just drain your spraying system so it won't freeze.

OR....I see a chimney and you could wrap a few rounds of copper pipe around the stove pipe and run plastic tubing on the backside but lowest point of the panel and use water from the stove pipe and circulate the heat into the backside of the panels. After done drain the whole system to keep it from freezing. And if you do it right you will not need a pump to circulate the hot water to do so.

Nice panels BTW.


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