Hi, I recently bought a 400 watt home made wind turbine ,in adition to my solar panels and I can get volts but no watts. Anyone know why???

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What are using to measure it?

If you are using a standard multimeter, measure the voltage, then switch the meter to current, measure the amperage, multiply the volts times the amps that willbe the wattage  E xI = Watts

As Russ has said, amps are what you need to determine that the turbine is putting out....but solar and wind are two COMPLETELY different animals....

Without going into a complete explaination, let me attach a wind curve graph, this will indicate potential power out of the (in the graph's case, a 1200 watt turbine) turbine according to wind speed:


This should help you understand what you should see for power depending on wind speed...

Here's a great tutorial about wind power....it may go further then our small turbines, but is good info...


I am using a kill a watt with A gti and a anolog volt gauge

What is the input voltage for the GTI? How are you getting the voltage to the GTI from the turbine, is it on a separate line, or tied into the line from the solar cells? If the wind blows at night, does it light up the GTI? What is the output voltage of your turbine?

Ultimately, you'll need to get a volt/ohm meter, with the max amperage rating for the meter at least 10 amps and see what amperage the turbine is putting out in amps with a wind speed at 10 mph or better.....

My GTI is 14-28 volts it will light up the GTI but my kill-a-watt shows no watts , it is connected on it's own line to with a blocking diode to  the same hook ups on the GTI , It will show volts on a volt meter 10 -18 when the wind is blowing, they said 400 watts on ebay it is a mcmillian treadmill motor 18 amps at 6700rpm 2.5 hp , it will charge a deep cell ,I also have 300 wats of HF solar panels .

If you have a volt meter, there should be an amperage setting to test amps, that's the only way you will see if the wind is turning the turbine fast enough to effect the KAW. Usually, you need to put the red lead into another hole on the meter and set it to the amp test on the knob....again, the solar panels will show consistent power in the sun, the wind is hit and miss to show consistent power, and to get 18 amps as you said from the turbine, it has to make almost 7000 turns in a minute, that's a heavy wind....but see of you can report an amp reading, that will tell alot...  


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