Somebody else brought this up almost a year ago, and I didn't see a thread yet. So what works?

I'm looking at a 600w Power Jack 28-52v for the three 145w panels I just got. Thinkin goin series to 36v nominal and a dedicated grid tie. Is this OCV? Maybe 36 is too much? Anybody have this one? I've heard the eficiency is a little lower than the Sun......but will it live?

I've killed two Sun-250s and a 300 - Dale has those now.

I have a GreenergyStar 400w that hasn't been loaded over 216w yet, but time will tell if it lives.

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Okay as for the Power jacks...Thats a no no...The SUN-G 600's are better. After doing some testing on Power Jack vs SUN-G..The SUN-G's will put out roughly 20 % more power. Tested on 460 watts worth of the panels. The 600 watt SUN-G grid tie inverter did around 125 watts more out vs the Power Jacks 125 less. Also note Power Jack manuals state that there inverter do waste proximately 140 watts worth of power putting there efficiency close to 70 % vs SUN-G 92 %.

It is in my Opinion the SUN-G 600 watt 22- 60 volt version is hard to beat.

I also recommend any of the 250 to 300 SUN-G Model 10- 30 volt versions be ran on a 12 volt solar panel set up

 with no more than 175 watts. Maxing these small inverters seemed to be there downfall.

Just my Opinion on the Study so far., So far SUN-G Grid Ties takes the win. Just don't overvolt them " Hoopty " lol

Thanks Dale! Sounds good. Looks like I may be putting some money towards a 22-60v 600 watter. If go back to the 250 to 300s I'll be sure to keep the wattage down too.

I suggest figuring out a way to cool them as well. I bought a few computer case fans and connected them to the Solar input (running 12 volts right now) to the GTI so they come on when the sun is up and wont drain the batteries. If you look closely you can see the small wires for the fans. Besides they are not needed other than when the GTI is working. I have noticed a big difference in how hot the GTI gets. Before I could barely put my hands on them and now it's just warm to the touch.

In this picture you will see the bottom of the GTI's and the computer case fans. They are also positioned to pull hot air from the charge controllers as well. These fans are from Fry's electronics, they have an online site #5707972 for the product number. They come 4 in a pack for about $15. I will be upgrading my board soon and will be adding case fans I bought online. NZXT FN-200RB 200mm Computer Case Fan, 3pin and 4pin Molex, 1300RPM, 166.2CFM, 200x200x30mm. The current fans are rated for 45CFM and the new fans are rated for 166CFM. should keep everything cooler.

I think I'll do that too. Have you thought of building a shroud? Maybe a piece of Plexi on spacers over the inverters with some side panels? More directed flow and a little less turbulence around the fans. I may try that but my setup needs to get somewhat permanent. It keeps changing!

I have to agree with Dale, my SUN 300G works great, and yes, maxing the unit is probably virtual death for it, ask LadyHawk, blew the fan right off of it (and a probable circuit flaw, ask Dale), but if it's used as directed, I don't think you can beat 'em, cost to performance, IMHO...

And just as an addendum, I'm only putting, maximum, 12amps X12 VDC (144 watts) thru the 300G, with no issues for a couple years now...

I am interested in the gti's. Can you guys share where to buy them.  I am able to set up both 12v and 24volt battery banks.  I looked on ebay and they have 600watt and 300watt for sale.  I know everyone is always thinking of the next addition to their solar farm. Please share your good deal plans for your next purchase as you find them for gti's. I for one would find them a big help. 

Before you buy you should think about what your long term plans are. Example from my experience. I had started with 10.8-30 volt GTI's but when I wanted to up the voltage for my MPPT charge controller I couldn't since 2 panels in series would go way over the 30v limit of the GTI. Fopr batteries if you have an MPPT charge controller you can chose between 12 and 24 easily but once you have a lower voltage GTI in the mix you run into limitations. I did come up with a creative way around the issue (which I will cover in a later blog) but it does complicate things. If at all possible go with the 28-60 GTI's and personally I'd stay away from Powerjack. You can find a lot of issues posted on the internet about them. Biggest is the Fan. I do augment the GTI fan with my own cooling fans connected to the solar input. Had to get creative once I upped the voltage (used a regulator to bring the voltage down from 40+ to 12 volts for the fans).

Having a plan will help reduce the amount of rework and costs associated with having to replace equipment.

I sold my powerjack 300's and bought a powerjack 1200, It works very well, I have 15 volts 7.2 amps going in ,It doesnt get hot the fan barely even ever comes on, It is doing a constant one amp back into the house.

I have lowered my power bill , last yr I was using 54 kwh a day, and this yr I am using 43 kwh a day.

I also lowered the bill by $45.00 a month.

The 1200 watt inverter was $249.00 on ebay.

Heat was a factor for the small inverters, sometimes bigger is better, I am very happy with the 1200 watt.

I was paying over $100.00 for the small ones anyway.

Later Vance

Grid Tie Inverter...It's similar to a power inverter but you plug it into your home or shops 110 volt wall outlet to add your power directly to your homes grid.

Can too many GTIs or too big of one throw a breaker?



I am running those 2 145 watt panels through 300 watt Sun Power GTI and it is plugged into the outdoor GFI outlet in the patio area.

If all the conditions are right and those panels put out max amps at 8.5 and the GFI circuit is a 15 amp run from the breaker box, could 17 amp load from the GTI through the GFI circuit?


Is there a limit to what kind of GTI one can use before contacting the power company and putting a GTI by the breaker box or however they do it.






There wont be a 17 amp load...The GTI converts the DC voltage and amperage To ac 120 volt..The Most amperage you should see is 2.5 amps from it. If that.


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