I have been looking around the net for one of these Tiger Claw 1500W Pure Sine Wave inverters and I haven't had much luck. Anyone know where I can get one.

My backup plan for inverter if I can't find the Tiger Claw is the Xantrex Prowatt Sw1000 - True Sine Wave
, I found one of these for $240.26 on the net.





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I got one for our solar powered store and it had some small issues....I sent it back  7-5-13   talked with Julie from Sigler Music..thats were they come from...she told me not till mid September will they have any  I have been running one for over a year here in my office....with no issues not bad for the buck... so either be patient or go to back up plan........

Yea, unfortunately Sigler Music is the only distributor. They have never done well with staying ahead of inventory.

Well I went with the Xantrex Prowatt Sw1000 - True Sine Wave Inverter. I got it from HodgesMarine.com for $240.00.

That's the best I found.

I am still going to watch out for the Tiger Claw and get one of those also.

I had to get something because I had everything up and running with no inverter and I hated to watch all the sunshine go to waste.



Don't fret To much about the Tiger Claw Inverters. You made a very good choice

very good choice Kenny. i love the xantrex product. i have 45 amp controller as well as a 3000+ modified inverter. been using it for 5 years trouble free

Well I got the Xantrex SW1000 True Sine Wave Inverter. I temporary got it connected to my batteries and charge controller, just to test my concept. My original intention for doing all this was to take a dvr computer and my 3 cctv cameras off of household current. I think my setup would handle this, right now the whole cctv system with the monitor on runs at 161 watts and 1.65 amps. With the monitor off it operates at 130 watts and 1.35 amps. As a matter of fact I have been running the system from solar for about the last 2.5 hrs. So I my just shift gears and just grow my system, 2 more batteries, a couple more panels, getting an actuator for tracking, and maybe a Midnight Solar Classic CC. One question the manual with Xantrex says not to mount the inverter horizontally or vertical why is this?



well you gotto mount the thing one way or the other. mine is mounted horizontally, it has to do with the cooling.and don`t forget to wire it up directly to the batteries. i use a shutoff instead of a fuse

you must have misread the instructions, its either or. horizontally sound right to me

if you are going to mount the inverter vertically on a wall, mount it with the inverter facing east/west.

do not mount it with the inverter pointing north/south.

if you mount it on a shelf it can be mounted either above or below the shelf, either right side up on top of the shelf or upside down under the shelf.

i don't understand, if u mount the inverter vertically, like upside down it cannot we facing east/west.

it faces ground/sky. having said that: any electronic power inverter may it be pure sine or modified produce a pretty good ac. not as good as a rotary generator /altenator. it may have something to do with the earth`s magnetic field. i don`t know. why don`t do yourself a favor and mount it on a wall? just make sure the side with the cooling fan is not obstructed. let me know how it works out......

Ok I re-read it it states and quote "DC connections should NOT point up or down".


Sorry about that..




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