I am considering a "store bought" system for heating domestinc hot water.  No time to build it myself.  Use is  primarily for the summer so I can shut down the boiler which heats the house and save about $400.00 in oil over the summer months.  Should be some benefit in the winter also.   Does anyone know  about Schuco systems?  Glycol heat exchanger, CTE 215 CH.  75 gal heater for backup model 259874 (sww75-1/115-1E).  Rebates are expiring in Pa. and I would like to take advantage of them while they last which is until the end of the month.


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I have a (2) panel HW systen using a Shell & Tube exchanger (2) pumps & differential controller had it 20 + years I preheat Well water (30) gal pre heat (30 ) gal electric tank,Im single so plenty water for me.I certainly Love mine

rich in s.Va.

I'm just about finished installing my 3 Heliatos solar hot water heat exchangers and pumping, I expect to turn the whole thing on around April 10th, that's generally a good bet that the freezing weather is finished...

Google "Heliatos solar hot water"....there's a ton of YouTube videos and information on these things, I think you'd be impressed....I was.

Good Luck Bill-I hope it works well for you.



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