Hi again everyone.  I posted some blurry photos from my cell of the Rogue MPT 3024 

(http://www.roguepowertech.com/index.htm)  that Dale convinced me to get.  (I have no idea why this italics started!)  Am I happy?!  Thanks again.  I finally know what is going on in detail.  Also the seller of the ROLLS S460 (460AH) batteries convinced me I have to do regular hydrometer testing to make sure I am not going below the desired set point for minimum charge.
A question I just left in the ROGUE Power call in tech support today (Sunday) is about an option on the MPT 3024  Controller.  It has an auxiliary output switch that can be turned on based upon a selected set point. For example, if a specific battery temperature, or load rate, or other monitored factor is exceeded, the auxiliary line out can switch on, for example, a fan.  I am hoping it can also be used to switch on a traditional battery charger, such as a 12 amp charger, to make sure your batteries do not discharge too much.  While I plan  to sift out a daily amount of collected current, I fear letting the batteries drop down too far.  When I hear from ROGUE, I will let you know.  If you already know, please let me know.

Also, maybe the ROGUE can already do that.  I doubt it.  How can it stop current out of the battery ?
Thanks for any input.   Malcolm

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That Auxillary is basically a Relay that turns on at a set voltage. It has no power output. It is basically a switch. If the voltage is set at say 11.6 volts it will stay on all the time. I beleive this how I read it. But I could be wrong.

But the AUX could be used to turn something on, using a separate circuit.

...like a conventional battery charger maybe?


HI Dale:  I think the example in the Manual is turning on  a fan when the set point is exceeded.  You can adjust the set point, I am not sure how to work it as a battery voltage descends???   Keep in touch, and thanks again.  Great unit, great advice.  Malcolm

I see a problem with using that for a battery charger. The monitored voltage on the bank would shoot up to 13 + volts (or 26 + depending on your bank config) pretty quick to do the charging. I would think that the AUX relay contacts would then denergize because the monitored voltage is now above the set point and the charger would shut off rather suddenly without actually charging the batteries.

Would have to be some sort of timer circuit that could be triggered by the AUX contacts. The timer would keep the charge going for a pre-determined amount of time regardless of the AUX contact status. When the timer shuts down, if the voltage drops below the preset the cycle repeats itself.

Jim:  Great idea.  Thanks.  Malcolm

Personally I haven't tried it yet myself, It would be interesting to know if it comes on at set voltage and then shuts off when it goes below. I should Test that. That would be great for Battery vent fans, when the Voltage goes above set voltage from charging the vent fan kicks in.

HI Dale:

    I am positive you can adjust the set-point of the switch for a fan.  Malcolm


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