I would like to run my pool pump using the HF panels. I'm confused a little on how to figure out how many I will need. I would like to run it about 8 hours a day during the day and off at night. It's a 6.2 amp 1 HP motor which I believe means it's 744 continuious watts. Would anyone be willing to lay out what I need to make this happen. I will start with the pump but once I get some experience on that then I would like to expand eventually to other household items as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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Brad, welcome to the forum. Let me ask a few questions. Does the pump run full time or does it cycle on and off? How much space can you allow for the panels, will there be any time the panels are in shade?  I will suggest a pure sine inverter and a large battery bank. Remember, the 6.2 amp motor is actually pulling 62.5 amps from the batteries, min.


I am sure a few other members can add much more information.


Good Luck

The pump would run full time for about 8 hours. The pump sits right behind my garage of which I planned to install the panels on top of my garage roof, so I have plenty of space on a 2.5 car garage. There are no trees to block the sun so it should get lots of sun.

For the inverter is it better to just go with a big one like 5000 continuous watts just in case I want to add other devices or just stick to about 1000 continuious? How many batteries are in a bank?

Your looking at least a 6000 watt Solar array...Batteries probably would need around 36 of the 6 volts golf carts batteries.

And a unlimited amount of $$$$$ on hand  to build this.

Wow that is a lot more than I thought for one motor. How does anyone have the space or money to run multiple items in a house! Building this would cost more to buy and maintain then I would save in energy costs. I want to try to use solar power but this does not look like it will be worth it. What are some typical uses for some of the HF panels that are more practical?

Now we are back down to earth lol...Usually we can power lower power devices. Lights, Tv's, radios, Laptops computers. Simpler things like that.  Now 1 kit will do like back up lighting in case of emergency. Surf around a little on these forums you will see what many have done. Also watch out for Big Moe..He has this complex called " 145 panels " lol...Yeah he has that many HF panels/// and Oh its a beautiful sight to see.

A quick Google search came up with some information. I would consider looking at possibly replacing your existing pump with a more efficient one or going with a Solar pump product. You would get tax credits etc and can calculate your return on investment from the savings to your electric bill.

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