I can pick up a couple of 160 watt 24 volt poly bp panels for $160 .00 each  as  I want to use them for the GTI only  or should  I get monocrystiline panels ?



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Hello Craig,


I don't have an answer.. but I do have a question. Are there more available?



he said he has more than 10, they are used  I may get 4,  I know at least 2 . would like to get all ten or more  but wife is telling me NO lol

If there are some left.. .Sign me up.. I am on board to pick up the extra's. Of course I will share with others that want them.




Craig, a dollar a watt is one heck of a good buy I don't care what kind of panel you are getting.  If you search the forums for "poly" you will find some interesting discussions - essentially the same question has come up many times on the poly v/s mono issue. Back when Dale was still planning his next purchase last year he mentioned that the "efficiency ratings" are a bit better with the mono - but when you look at price/availability, and REAL performance its more of a "bang for the buck" decision where I am concerned. (Hope that makes some kind of sense).

Personally, I am a believer in a mixture of Poly and Amorphous panels in your setup.  Poly works great in optimum solar conditions - but the amorphous panels will keep on chugging when conditions are less that optimal, (ask Dale). <grin>

As of right now I have a total of 340 watts of working solar panels.. I have another  2 x 125 setting in my living room awaiting to be added. I am waiting on the weather and very muddy conditions here to dry up some.

When I am done,, I will have 4 x 125 watt UL solar panels and 6 X 15 watt HF panels. For a Total of 590 watts.

My total investment so far in panels..a little over $1400 Or as i figured $2.40 per watt.

As of right now I cant go Bigger unless I change over to a 24 volt system. But that would require investments all over again. So I am sticking with 12 volt. But panels are wired for 24 volt because I use the Rouge MPT3024 MPPT charge controller. In which I will highly recommend to people that want small solar arrays under 500 watts. And just in case you was wondering about me using 590 watts. Don't worry I have that covered. That derating I was talking about....590 watts derated at 80 % is 472 watts. No really going to lose much power there.

As of right now I am at a 80 % efficiency . The reason why I say 80 % is because, The maximum power I have seen so far on the 340 watt array ,,,2 x125 and 6 X 15 Hf panels.

Was a nice and burly 272 watts. and 272 watts of 340 watt array is 80 % power from array from stated wattage.

By theory its a 77 % de- rated, Mine was pumping at 80 % .

My charging efficiency is well around 41.3 % gained over PWM charging with using MPPT.  So my set up completely outrules the Ohms law for some screwy reason. When doing the math I should be cooking at about 23 % gains. But I do want to say wire sizing correctly is the key. And combining panels prove to be way more effective. Also, something you have to be Anal about which I am. Clean you panels of at least once a month. Keeping them clean keeps there effectiveness high and in full power order.

Craig, the price is right. I would ask why are they being changed out? Can the output be verified? Other than that I would buy in a heartbeat.


Good Luck



I don't see any panels for $160. The website showed 160 watt panels for $948. I guess I am missing something but I would stay away. Too expensive for me.

it is not from that PLACE I used that just to show what the panels were.


I can not tell where they are coming from til I get mine . ;)

hiding the stash are we...?  :)

Larry, I asked that question to the seller, " most of these panels are repos people stopped paying for them and the company took them off , some are removed for upgrades to higher voltage and wattage panels"


he told me they are in great shape and they will do voltage checks when i go to pick them up.



@ craig J   yeah, gotta hide the stash till I get mine anyway  then I will let the cat outta the bag  LOL


I am picking up 5 for myself  so a total of 800 watts  thinking of using the enphase micro-inverters for each panel for ease and for the mppt feature



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