This is a side note.  It is not solar, but I am going to use my array to keep it charged.


It is my newest toy ( I've not said that outloud around my wife yet but we know it is)  It is called Lectric Leopard and was made by the US Electricar company out of MA.




The company bought rolling chassis's from Renualt and then installed the electric motor and drivetrain. They orignally were 48v with 16 - 6v batteries.   This one has been converted over to a modern controller board and is now 72v with 12 - 6v batteries.   I will be switching them to 9 - 8v batteries soon and will used these 16 Trojan T-105's for a second battery bank on my solar array.


I drove it home tonight and so far it is awesome (yes I know... 2 hours of ownership).  Anyway I figured it needed to be shown here on the forum.... it is definately different.


So at this point I have an electric mower, electric log splitter and an electric car.  All of which are powered by my arrays.  



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This is AWESOME Moe, this is where I have seen our DIY solar community going for years. I have always thought that we would be the first to move to electric cars and not something brand new off the show room floor for $40,000. Something exactly like this. And we will use our solar to power it and it will just become another battery bank in the mix.

No surprise that it's you that's taking us there.......ALL ABOARD!

Hello Ray,


I truely feel the same way.  I bought this for $1600, I have looked at the new vehicles but I just can't justify the prices.


I saw this on craigslist. It was literally 13 miles from my home. I was going crazy... I saw it at 10:30 p.m. and at 3:30 a.m. I was on a plane heading to Dallas.  So I sent messages and finally was able to talk to the guy. He agreed to hold it for me to look at today.. so I went there with cash in hand. I didn't even argue the price. Once I saw it in person and drove it.... I was happy to pay.  I then proceeded to drive it home.


The charger is a 72v unit that runs on 120 AC. It pulls 10A and charges the bank fully in 8 hours if it is dead. So I should have alot of options when it comes to using my power to charge it up.  I will explore a few and keep you guys updated as I make progress.


I have a lot of ideas now.. but once I start working with it, things may change. It is in incredible shape right now with only 6543 miles on the clock.



$1,600! What the....I'll take two. And only 10 amps? So around here the first thing they would say A/C. But how cool is this. We are starting to see some electric service trucks around here but the "little urban electric car thing" is being filled by old folks driving their golf carts around the neighborhood. It's criminal that Washington is in kahoots with the Detroit to keep the small neighbor hood electric imports out of this country so that the average car price will still be $25,000-$40,000. Criminal.

Keep us posted!

that is so interesting. as time goes on you must keep us updated on what you find out about your new toy.

is it a hybrid or all electric.

let us know what range and speed you can get out of it, the range being the more important.

good luck to ya Moe, by the way did you get your 300 game I sent ya.


Ok I will bow down in Defeat !!! You definitely have raised the bar to high now. I would so use something like this to just to chores around town and grocery shop. Since everything is within a 4- 6 mile range from my home.

Dale makes a great point here, I am so tired of people poo pooing the limited range of neighborhood electric cars when in reality the average round trip for the average working person is only 40 miles. For most of us who are just putzing around to keep the frig full this is perfect.

The future American home should be one Lectric Leopard for daily use and one full size truck for movin and killin stuff.

We use my car which get 40mpg in E 85 95 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2 engine Hydrogen supplement. But I would not mind trading it in for my electrical solar that I have and run Free. I have only 5 panels and setting up to make another 1 kilowatt. Congrats keep posting the faster we get off gas or use less the better.


Oh Hell yeah, It would be perfect. I could just imagine the amount the fuel i could save..Running back and forth from baseball practice with our son everyday.  Pshh..6 miles round trip everyday in the spring..Plus your not setting at stop lights at idle throwing money out your exhaust. There is so many advantages. No Oil change every 3000 miles either. Sure there is some maintenance. But I would rather buy a new battery than replace an engine.

Dale and Ray,


Yep, that is exactly what I'm going to do with it for now.  All of the local stuff and groceries and such. My commute to work is 94 miles round trip, so this will not work.  But that is not what I bought it for, it is a weekend and around town car.  I will have to train my wife and daughter to use it also.


I drove it home on back roads, as I said it was 13 miles away. I came home averaging 45 mph. I moved up to 55 once but was unsure of how the battery bank was so I backed it down.


No AC.. what are you talking about Ray, it has the french style sunroof.. the whole center of the roof folds back. Plenty of AC...hahahahhahah.  It does have an electric heater and defroster. No radio or anything else to rob power.  It is a 4 speed stick shift, but you only need the clutch when you are moving. once you stop you can change gears all you want...the motor isn't moving.


All of the items like lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, etc...  work off of one 12v battery that is not included in the main battery bank.


@jpf... you did send that 300 game, I just have not collected it as of yet. It will happen one of these time, I will let you know when it has arrived.



This forum just never stops to amaze me, where could we POSSIBLY go next?...and Big Moe pulls up in an electric car!...amazing, just amazing...

Well, you've given us all the important fact about the Leopard, I am curious, you bought it for $1600, used, what are they getting for one right off the assembly line?

If I brought one of these home, Judy would probably skin me, that would be pushing the "solar" envelop just a bit, but hey, no harm in, umm, looking?  HA!

Hello Bill,


They are all used at this point. This is a 1980 model.  They didn't make too many of them. It look like they only made 400 of them from '79 to '81.  It was made by U.S. Electricar Corporation of Athol, Mass.  I've not been too successful in finding info on the company as of yet.


So.. I think it is time for everyone to go on the hunt for the full story. I know I'm looking.




P.S.  I used to laugh at anyone that had a Le Car  back in the day... and now look... there is one in my driveway !

No harm in looking....LOL....remember Bill, solar porn is OK.


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