Just got the new flyer. They show a new 500 watt charge controller #68738. Labeled as "Thunderbolt Magnum Solar" - which seems to be a new Harbor Freight brand. Anyway, looks like a Topray TPS-555 available on Ebay.

Also, a 12 volt 35AH sealed battery #68680 for $74.99 - neither of which show up online.


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The new flyer came and illustrated the solar setup which looks a pretty simple so I went to the local HF store and I bought the only universal connector that was left. Nothing else was there but again, it looks like a complete yet simple setup eveything looks to be figured out alrealy for about 8 sets of panels. The manager said in about another week all the other stuff should be available.
My only question would be the wiring from the panels to the connector.

I think the new kit has two pin (male/female) connectors and a 3 into 1 combiner already. Where it goes from there, I don't know. Probably a couple loop terminals. You probably will have to purchase at least one connector for a new set or to convert an old set.


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