Hi, I have some very basic questions that you all probably have answers to.

I'll be mounting my HF 15-watt solar cells onto the roof of our detached garage.

I want to attach 2x4's along the bottom to hold the panels, but I've never attached

anything to the roof before and I'm worried about puncturing the roof and causing 

a leak during the next rain storm.

I think I can just place the 2x4 along the lower part of the roof and nail it into the roof 

and just caulk the nails, but sooner or later I may move and would like to remove the panels and

the 2x4's.  The fact that I am attaching the 2x4 by nail and caulking it doesn't guarantee that

the entry through the roof won't leak. 

How are you guys mounting rails or the panels to your roof? 



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I have not mounted to the roof yet.

I have enough space to post mount mine.

However, in looking at pictures and videos I have noted.

1.   Allow space for water to exit roof. Do not block water flow completely.

2.   Many use small treated 2x4 blocks screwed into the rafters of the roof. 

3.   Seal with the culk of choice. 

4.   Lag bolts can be used into a pilot hole.

5.   If you move take the panel rack, which is attached to the roof mount blocks with you.

6.   Treated 2x4,s with harbor freight attached are popular

7.   I saw a neat ridge comb rack setup in a video that caught my eye.

8.   Check out the video's and pictures on this site for ideas.

9.   Google for mounting solar panels etc for ideas you might like

10. Use of old sat dish pole and roof mount hardware is popular

Nailing through your shingles is a last resort for sure. Number 8 in "Harolds Top Ten" list is my best suggestion.

I used long barn door type hinges at the bottom and lined them up with the rafters slid one end of the hinge under shingle screwed to rafter.....and then screwed to 2x4 frame.

Top of frame is secured with angle iron and hitch pin....

In the winter I hope to just pull the pins and change the angle.....hope this helps

Here is my setup. It "Sits" on my shingled roof like a table. I have it secured with Cables for high winds. I watched as 50 MPH gusts from a storm came through and it never moved...

First kit up with room for expansion 

First HF Kit on the roof

Preparing for the second HF kit.

Second HF Kit on the roof

2 HF Kits on the frame - It was designed to hold 3 kits total

second HF Kit on the roof

Thank you all for your comments/ideas.

Craig, thanks for the pics but my neighbor would be pretty pissed off if I did that.

Our neighbors have reported us for various code violations which includes:

1. Leaving garbage bins in plain view from the street

2. Parking in our 2nd driveway which is unpaved.  We will eventually pave it, but come on, we just moved in.

3. Leaving parts in the yard. 

    We moved from a house with a 1000 sq/ft garage to a place with basically a joke of a garage.  So we left our stuff neatly in the yard so we can put up our three sheds.

I need to be able to put the panels flush with the roof so being able to mount a pair of 2x4x8 is probably the way for me to go.   Of course I'll have to leave room under the pair of 2x4x8 to let water run past, but to attach these 2x4x8, I can only think of putting a deck screw in to mount it which is an intrusion into the roof which may or may not leak even if I caulk it.



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