Just a heads up on the 145 Watt Panels for just $160 including shipping

Edit: ....Sunday September 26th....Update on the 145 watt panels

The next batch of DM Solar 145 watt solar panels for $160 each including free shipping have arrived at the Amazon warehouse in Phoenix and ready for purchase. Remember, the deal is a bit different this time. The panels are still $160 each with free shipping but will include MC4 "Y Cable" adapters and the total will be $328.

Here's the link > 145 watt solar panels for only $160 includes free shipping




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I *just* bought the 45 watt HF kit today. *sigh* figures.

This is just a panel, though, not a kit, correct? Maybe I'll keep the kit anyway as I'm still new to solar and the kit will allow me to learn more so I can upgrade to something like this down the line.

Absolutely keep the kit Michael. All the best DIY solar systems are a diversified system. You want your Harbor Freight kit AND one of these 145's. Great in all conditions and each one running through separate charge controllers that can still feed the same battery bank.

Say one of your charge controllers died? No big deal, the other panels and controller are working while you wait on another controller or install your spare next weekend.

Say you have 3 straight days of cloudy weather and your expensive mono crystalline panel ain't putting out? No biggie, your Amourphous style Harbor Freight panels continue cranking in the shade.

I always say, your DIY solar system should be like your retirement account....diversified!

Excellent point, Ray. I will keep my kit. Like you said, diversify. Nothing says I can't not upgrade, but ADD this panel later on. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Your welcome. When you get a chance check out the personal page of forum member Dale Marshall. Perfect example of how a member started with a Harbor Freight system, learned all he could, continued to upgrade without giving up a single watt he invested in. Check out his earliest post and pictures then his current stuff. Especially what he did last week. Holy Sh%$!

That's your system 1 - 2 years from now.


Weird, it cut off my reply. Anyway... Dale did an amazing job. I definitely see what you mean. Great stuff!

My credit card just asked---are you going you "use me" i'm just sitting here "waiting" I feel so neglected. I'm gathering dust.

get some more solar panels---i love buying them.

ha-ha- & all you thought i was crazy.

rich in s.va.

Yea Rich, I hate to sound cliche, but crazy....like a fox. This still might be the best deal we ever get to see on panels.

Hi Ray,

The website says "unavailable".  That's because they are still arriving, correct?  No pre-order?  Are you going to let us know when they come?



They should be in within the next 10 days.  Just keep checking.  I feel there are a lot of buyers waiting for the new shipment.  They might sell out pretty fast.

Hey Jesse, they should be in sooner then 10 days. This is an Amazon only deal and the panels are scheduled to land in Long Beach California on June 20th. From there they will be shipped to the Amazon facility in Phoenix Arizona. Should be as early as Friday morning and when Amazon logs them into inventory the link will go live.


The link will go from "unavailable" to a live link the minute Amazon logs them in. Of course we'll update this discussion when we get word.

Here is the link  > http://astore.amazon.com/newworldsolar-20/detail/B007VPQP5Q

Well I am done with panels until I finish designing an official GTI setup for my roof. My patio cover is maxed out on space. The 1 145 watt panel finished off my patio. This is a great deal to get someone to the next level in there solar setup. My latest project is redoing my equipment board and battery bank design. That will have to wait until I get back from Italy


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