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I received a 45 Watt Harbor Freight Solar Kit from someone and I would like to install it on a tiny house I built. It looks like there are a few things missing, one of them is the manual. I will probably need to buy a few extras, but what I am really missing right now is the installation manual! Does anyone have an extra one, or know where to get one. FYI: this is a super low energy system. I will be charging a couple of 5 Watt Led lights and not much else. 


I may in the future decide to add more panels, but for the next couple of years it's going to be pretty simple and low maintenance. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Many thanks,



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Hey Sam, we have the links to the owners manuals at the top of the page. Can you see them? You might not be able to see them if you are using a smart phone to access the page. If you can't let me know and I'll send you links in a message.

Got it. Many thanks!

As long as you have the kit-frame, panels & controller you should be ok. You may need lead wiring & battery clamps, & battery of course. Look into a 12v car-plug style aa/aaa charger, kits are great for low draw stuff like that & charging cell's.


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