How to tie power fom inverter into your home breaker box?

Does anyone know a safe and easy way to hook the dc out of the inverter into your breaker box? I have seen guys wire a Reliant generator breaker box up with the home breaker box so they can do room by room. My upstairs is on it's own breaker system. NOT tied to the rest of the house. I am wanting a set-up that I can turn off the grid power at the breaker, then turn on the battery powered energy to power the upstairs. Then, if the batteries get low I can turn the grid back on.
I think the Reliant system is cool, just a pricey box. Maybe I could run the power from the inverter into a seperate breaker box and connect the 2 breaker boxes somehow? Do I need a higher amp breaker box? Is that why the guys use the Reliant generator box? Anyone? Links to info? Up for all advice. Thanks everyone!

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You could use something like an Iota ITS 30R Transfer Switch or

The AC inverter output would go into the switch then to your panel, you would run the AC power that comes from the main panel to the switch so it can auto switch from your battery to house power.


there are a few videos on youtube like this one

IOTA ITS-30R Automatic transfer switch from Inverter to grid power


How To Install An Automatic Transfer Switch


hope this helps

Thanks Raymond. That looks like an awesome set-up! On my way to buy an Iota.
Having major trouble finding one in stock!

try this site




$58 + about $17 shipping to my location in California


Great price and it's UL listed.

Just bought one myself for $78 total


slowly building my solar design..

I was just told the IOTA is no longer made and Power Max is the only one making a 30amp.
UG- Is your upstairs on it's own breaker box? Mine is and I plan to hook my transfer switch up to it. If not, I think you have to get something like the Reliant Generator Transfer box. It allows you to turn one room on and another room off.


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