Hey guys, I now have 2 Harbor Freight kits only one hooked up still. How many batteries will these panels charge. I was going to get three AGM batteries is this to much for my system. Right now just one lonely marine battery and a 750 inverter it  can run my light and a small fan for a while.
Thanks, David

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you can charge as many batteries as you get but will you use it all, will the number of panels keep up with your needs. i have 3 panels, gti, and 2 deep cycle batteries, and 2 inverters 750w and 400w. I just got mine hooked up to the grid and I am going to give some numbers later today about how much I put in all day. If your not solely going to be on solar then 3 batteries maybe to much maybe buy a 3 panel for what you pay for one battery?

I have a follow-on question. I'm still trying to get the numbers down for capacity on my new set. Is it better for me to add another battery in parallel, assuming I get 60 percent sun coverage, or just the one battery and another set of panels?


In real-world terms, what is the limiting factor here if I want to have more power to run stuff longer? I'm aware that a set of panels puts out 45 watts. I believe I want to capture as many amps as I can into batteries. What should I concern myself to optimize? thanx, sam

I guess you have to ask the question do you have enough solar to keep your batteries filled and if you do then a extra battery doesnt hurt either. Since I have more than enough solar panels for now I am trying to put the power back into the grid
Help this newbie out. When you say the batteries are "filled", how do I know how much amp-hours are in there? The HF controller only shows volts only, which are not the same as amp-hours. Though they are related. When the controller shuts off, can I assume that the marine battery I have holding the charge is down to 20 percent or so? Does this question make sense? thanx, sam
If im not wrong a battery that is full will read 12.9volts. Check this after a couple of hours off of the charger
Hey Sam, you need to look at it more from the side of "how much power are you trying to use". One little Harbor Freight Kit will keep 20 or more batteries charged......if you never use the power. Be honest with yourself about what kind of power you are trying to use.
My rule of Thumb is 1 kit will support 1 - 115 Ahr Battery
Let me guess MPPT charge controller ?


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