Does anyone know where I can find a decent hard wired voltage meter? I plan to hook it to a momentary switch so it won't run all the time. I don't need anything fancy.

Any info would be great.                      


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EXACTLY the same plan I have! I got mine off ebay. I'll see if I can find you the link.

This may not be the exact one but I got one very similar to this off ebay.


I got mine that I use on a little portable system to take camping at Walmart. I wired a toggle on it just flip the switch to get the reading. Here is a pic of it . I had it 3M taped on it and was showing it off at the campsite. One of my buddies friends pulls on it and says what's this..... URRGH some people.. You can see it hanging off the cooler and the toggle switch beside it. I need to go back and clean it all back up.


i found the same little meter the other day at wallie world....on the clearence rack, i paid 4 bucks for it...took it home cut the plug off the end of it and hooked it up....the darn thing didnt work...and then i realized i couldnt take it back because i hacked it up...arrrh!!! oh well back to the drawing board

I got a great deal on a couple of meters on Ebay.  They came from Hong Kong and the shipping was very reasonable.

I got my digi volt meter as well as the two ammeters from eBay as well...the volt meter is on all day with minimal power usage...

This is a pic of one of the ammeters, but the volt meter is identical....I like blue...


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