Hello All,

I'm starting to clean out some of my unused equipment. If you would like a stock controller with the wire bundle (the one that has the two clamps and the multiple ended charger ends) I have some.


I am selling them for $10 each which includes shipping.  I ship via UPS so they cannot be shipped to P.O Boxes, but the good news is that you will get them very quickly.


I would guess you could send me a friend request and a message and I can get them sent out. I accept paypal or we can work out an actual mail exchange of currency.



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Moe I would like one (or two if possible) I cant respond because we are not friends,. I did send a friend request. I will Pay by PAYPAL Immediately,

Thanks, Ron

wyreless AT gmail DOT com

PM sent.

Shipped !

I'll take one or two also if you have some left. You can send me an invoice via igotdealz@gmail.com



PM Sent

Hello Mark,

I'm ready to ship, but I need an address. Paypal did not include one.  shoot me a message.


I am interested in two or more for my classroom.

PM me if there are any left.


PM sent

Shipped !

Hello all,


There will be plenty to go around for a while. I will fulfill the requests. Once I start getting low I will let eveyone know. If you've looked at my arrays, you know I have a good amount of these units.



Here's a big thumb's up to Big Moe, he blew me away with next day shipping and 3 charge controllers at ten bucks each.  I couldn't believe it.  These units are not the best charge controllers, but they are attractive in an industrial sort of way and on my boat, I can provide a voltage distribution point in each bunk space for guests to charge their cell phones, operate a portable radio, or energy efficient lighting.

Thank you Moe!

Hello All,

Just an update,   About 1/2 of the units have sold but there are still plenty left.




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