In the September Harbor Freight sale flyer, the Chicago Electric inverters appear to be replaced with the Cen-Tech inverters.  The price is the same, but there is now a 3000 watt inverter.  The Harbor Freight site does not have the Cen-Tech inverter information, even when using the item number from the sale flyer.  Maybe they are improving their line up?  Anyone heard of this brand and have any knowledge of their specs and reliability?

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Hey Jesse, share some links of where you found these. When I go to the Harbor Freight online store it's all "Chicago stuff" still.

Ray, no links.  I found nothing online.  In the September 2012 issue - 8131, page10, it shows the following:

Features                69659/93761       93280         95596/69662          69712          96706

Continuous watts        1200                1500               2000                 3000            5000

AC Outlets                     2                     2                   3                       4                  4

USB Ports                      1                     0                   0                       1                  0

Connection               Wired               Wired              Wired                Wired            Wired

Reg. Price                $139.99           $159.99           $199.99              $399.99       $599.99

SALE!                        $99.99           $129.99           $159.99              $299.99       $399.99


The 95xxx numbers are the current Chicago Electric Inverters.  They are still on the site.  The 69xxx numbers are not on the Harbor Freight website.  I figured they are the stock numbers for the Cen-Tech inverters.  I am dropping by the local store later today to see if they have any of the Cen-Tech's in stock.  If there are, I will try to get some specs on them and post them later this evening. 

No Cen-Tech inverters in Jonesboro. I guess they will bring some in when the Chicago Electric o


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