DMSolar 145 watt panels on Amazon - $160 free shipping

These are now available "Just Click Here" for 145 watt solar panels...

  • 36pcs of 6" poly-crystalline solar cells
  • Cell Efficiency: 17%
  • Max Voltage: 1000V
  • Pmax: 145W
  • Vmp: 18.7V, Imp: 7.75A, Voc: 22.3V, Isc: 8.37A


DM Solar Spec. Sheet

Thought I would share.


DM 145w Polycrystalline Solar Panel ($0.82/W!)

* High-efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells embedded in transparent vinyl acetate behind tempered glass with heavy backsheet ensuring maintenance free performance * Heavy duty corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame and weather-resistant junction box with pre-mounted MC cables ensuring dependable performance and easy installation or maintenance * High-Impact tempered glass to resist hail, Ice, flying debris or force wind * 15-year power warranty

* Advanced Mechanical Test: 5400pa
* Mechanical Load Test: 40 lbs/sq.ft.
* Industry leading power tolerance : +3/-0%
* ISO 9001:2000 Certified
* 3-year workmanship, 90% after 15-year power warranty

* 36pcs of 6" poly-crystalline solar cells
* Cell Efficiency: 17%
* Max Voltage: 1000V
* Pmax: 145W
* Vmp: 18.7V
* Imp: 7.75A
* Voc: 22.3V
* Isc: 8.37A
* Size: 58.27"x26.58"x1.38"
* Weight: 26.4lbs

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Do you have any of these panels currently?  If so how are they performing?



I do not have any of these but plan on buying 1 for a project. Just wanted to pass on a good deal that others might find useful

Cool,  I've added them to my amazon wish list and will keep an eye out for the listing.


Thank you for the heads up.



Looks like these are available now on Amazon if anyone is interested

Would these be certified by the state to be installed on your house? I see ISO 9001:2000 Certified but i'm used to seeing UL certified.

This Company looks to be brand new. The price and the panels look good. Maybe too good. Has anyone bought these yet??

Hey Dave, company is not brand new, only brand new to selling on Amazon. I think [just my opinion] we are going to start seeing this kind of thing as these solar companies get frustrated with the competition in the wholesale market and they throw in the towel by turning to the retail market [that's us] and giving us the wholesale prices. Happens in every industry.


Wanting to buy them. But being a rookie makes me leary. How do you dumb them down to the HF and Northern tool 2 volt Kits. The price looks great. The company looks new. Does anyone have one in operation? How hard was it to tie it in??

If you are running a 12v system then you would just add this panel in parallel with fuse to protect the HF panels. The voltage is close to HF so they can be added as long as the charge controller can handle the amps. If you use a combiner the cable from the combiner to the charge controller needs to be the proper size for minimal voltage drop and to handle the amps
You can series 2 of these then parallel them with 2 HF panels that are in series to get higher voltage. Using a mppt controller makes most sense here

Ray, what type of fuse would I use to connect the HF panels with one these,



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