DIY Solar Energy Forum sponsors DM Solar have another great deal for us on panels. We knew the 145's wouldn't last forever....and they didn't. But they have brought out a similar deal on their 158 watt monocrystalline panels.

$268.00 for the pair plus $120.00 shipping....that's $388.00 to your door!

Click here to order today!

Just some of the features......

Nominal output voltage is 12 volt with an 18% efficiency

Maximum/Peak Voltage (Vmp): 18.9 V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.7 V

Maximum/Peak Current (Imp): 8.47 A, Short Circuit Current (Isc): 8.76 A

18% German Mono Solar Cells - Made in Germany......surprised?

25 Year Limited Performance Warranty. That's 10 year workmanship, 80% after 25 year power warranty.

Here's the best link to order your 158 watt DM Solar panels today


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I used the link to amazon.

But the reviews are for the DM 145 panels and not the DM 158 panel even though the sell is for the DM 158.

Sure would be nice to see reviews about the DM 158.

Questioning German solar cells Johann?    LOL

Yes I do.

I am cautious.

To me it is just not right to have a review on amazon that does not reflect a review for the right panel. It would be like comparing or reviewing a Volkswagen bug with an Volkswagen Jetta. It's not the same. It is almost like lying to potential buyers.

Germany used to produce high quality Items, when I was a kid living in Germany. The quality of German items went down the last few years. But I am not saying that those panels are not worth it. I have lived here in the U.S. for 30 some years and have seen quality from different countries come and go.

I done some research and those panels are more promising than the DM 145.

The price of the 158 is higher than the 145, but you get more watts.

The efficiency is at 18% on the 158, which is higher than the 145.

The 158 is mono crystalline which should perform better.

They give 25 year limited warranty and that is good for such are cheap panel.

Now with the workmanship I have found differences, On Amazon they list it to be 10 years....but on there website they list it to be 6 years. I also would expect that those German panels would have an TUV or CE certification, but they do not.

Would I buy those panels?........Yes, I would.

I wonder if they lack the TUV and CE certification because while the solar cells themselves are manufactured in Germany they are still assembled and shipped from Asia.

A ton of these panels are being sold but I don't see members talking about them. Anybody buying these?

It cost a lot of money to get a TUV, CE or UL certification. Also it would take a lot of time for testing the panels before getting a certification.

The faster you can put panels on the market, the faster you can make money as a company,

I am curious also, If any of our members here bought some and how they perform.

The 145 watt panels were very popular because they were "beast". Even with the cruddy original packaging the panels held up great through shipping etc. even when they were falling out of the boxes.

Wonder if it's the exact same frames on the 158 watt panels. Anybody?

I just recently purchased 2 of the DM158 panel, and I am very satisfied with them. They are built well and in early tests, they have exceeded the spec. sheet numbers. I plan on purchasing 2 more in a couple of weeks.


James J Thompson

Thank you very very much for the information.

Where you able to see how they perform in partly shade or overcast etc etc,,just wonder.

Thanks again.

Hi Johann,
Sorry, I have not been able to do anymore testing, to much clouds and rain. As soon as I get good weather, I will post results.


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