Been a while since I was here...

I may be adding more panels. I have a Midnight 150 charge controller.

Can I buy two of these new panels and add them to me DM 145 watt poly panels, or do all the panels have to "match"?


DM 158 watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels

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Is it 10% + or - volts to match panels in paralell and the same in amps for series?

I seriously would keep them all matching in the case of high power.

Isn't it all the same to the charge controller as long as I keep it under 150 volts?

You would think...But same applies. You will put out as much as the smallest panels. The blocking diodes in the box in the back of the Solar Module...Probably wont be the same amp rating if they are, You might get away with it.

So does this mean that to add to my solar panels (of which I have 2 of the 145watt DM's) I MUST get EXACTLY the same kind or I can't add??

Dave , I guess I have the same Question??? I have  4 Harbor Freight 3 panel kits and 2-75 watt poly panels and 3-55watt polycrystaline panels and I thought I could run them all together. they dont seem to want to work as a team? Right now I have the HF kits on a 30 amp HF charge controller to my battery bank and the rest on a 600 watt Grid Tie inverter. When the batteries are full charge I would like to send the HF watts to the Grid.

hey Dale, I thought this data may help.

145 watt DM

* 36pcs of 6" poly-crystalline solar cells
* Cell Efficiency: 17%
* Max Voltage: 1000V
* Pmax: 145W
* Vmp: 18.7V
* Imp: 7.75A
* Voc: 22.3V
* Isc: 8.37A
* Size: 58.27"x26.58"x1.38"
* Weight: 26.4lbs

158 watt DM


* 36pcs of 6" mono-crystalline solar cells - Made in Germany
* Cell Efficiency: 18%
* Max Voltage: 1000V
* Pmax: 158W
* Vmp: 18.9V
* Imp: 8.47A
* Voc: 22.7V
* Isc: 8.76A
* Size: 58.27"x26.58"x1.38"
* Weight: 26.4lbs

HF Panels couldnt find near the info..

Rated Output 14.5 V~ / 15 W (per solar panel)
Open Circuit Voltage 23.5 OCV

So what exactly all needs to match, everything or just the voltage? By looking at this there so close in range for the DM panels.

Thanks Bud for any info,

Geaux Solar,


Now I'm confused. I know I've seen people with multiple types of panels. It seems to me that at the end of it all, there is X amount of electricity coming out to the charge controller, np matter if it comes from 2 145 watt panels and 4 158 watt panels or whaterver. IT seems that I should be able to leave the 145's together like I have them now, and wire, say, 3 158's together and put those 158' terminal end in the combiner box...

I know Dave, I'm confused as well. Hence i put the data up so dale can tell me. I thought the slight variable right there is not enough to make a difference as if one panel is in the sun, the other in the shade, wouldn't they give different amounts of power? So hence that's when we ask Dale! Because I see images of just that, different panels....Curious as to what exactly needs to me similar...


Reading this I went to full Stop. I was going to wire my shiny new 158s in with my 145s. But I am holding off till I see where this goes. I had asked before If the 145s and the 158s from DMSOLAR played well together. The Reply I got was they were fine.

I will wait for the old timers to answer that. 8.7 amps to 8.9 dont seem like much of a bump.

And how many times do I explain my system....

All panels you see in my setup are all wired to different charge controllers/ Gti for reason.

6 x 240 watt  1440 watts to Midnite classic. / 4 panels switchable to 1200 gti Via 3 way switches 1 per pair.

4 x 125 watt ul panel 500 watts to Rogue MPT3040 .. This is back up if needed / switched to 600 watt GTI .

The Rogue part of this system is basically full time Grid tie. Unless extra power is needed for charge or power outage

once again all switching is done via 3 way switch.

2 x 230 watt or 460 watt . This is 100 % full time Grid tie. Via 600 watt Gti

Now I think you will get the picture of no panel mixing to any charge controller or Grid Tie inverter.

This keeps the Max Power point at one level with no mixing or up down shading effects of bad.

And keep efficiency high.

On Solar Systems here...YOu can actually lower it.

If you have 145 panels and connect 158 watt panels. with them. Your max power point will be that of the 145 watt panels. Because Ohms law says so....Not me Ohms law.. But just to set the record straight. Mixing will provide the most power from the lower wattage panels. I tested this a long time ago....And well..mixing panels I have found out it doesnt work out very well. All i seen was lower power readings coming in. 

So Don't confuse my system, There 3 different rigs all working in the same grouping. Just each set is doing a specific task.

Thanks Dale


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