I've received my 2 panels and am assuming that I need to connect them in parallel. How do I connect them and have wire leading to the controller? Is there a special MC4 connector that will connect them and have a place for wire to go to the controller? Can someone illustrate this for me?

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Yes that's exactly what you need. 

To attach two panels, I need two of them, right?  One for the positive and the wire that runs down from that and one for the negative and the wire that runs from that, right?

Just want to make sure before I order...

Yes you need 2 (one pair)

I find it strange that they are not available in different sizes. I'm using 4AWG wire. Hope it fits.

My T branch connectors came in yesterday. Here's a pic I took of my 2 DMSolar panels connected in parallel with the connector (10awg wire).

Nice.. using the old Satellite Mount trick eh.. must had fun lifting them up on that mount..

Looks good.. what controller you going to run??

Make sure to put up a post with some numbers from the readings.. be nice to SEE some numbers and reviews.. these panels rock..

You have a picture of the back side of that mount for us to see..??? I'm interested in it ALOT..

Thanks. I actually hooked the connectors up today around 5:30pm and the weather is over cast. I didn't bother checking the numbers but I'll see how tomorrow looks. The panels are running to a BZ MPPT250 controller.
I have a pic of the back mount under my profile.

Keep an eye on the BZ.. they have rumored numbers issues.. maybe a Rouge would be better.. it can go to 30 amps and its MPPT is rated VERY highly..

Mark; good illustration. Q - that looks like 3/4" unistrut, are you using 5/16" bolts & hardware? I was thinking 1&1/2 x 5/16ths carraige bolts for mounting the panel to the strut & go from there.

PS your neighbors pool could use some filtering ;)

Good eye John!

The bolts indeed are 5/16's. This is the strut I used

Superstrut 1 5/8 in. Wide x 13/16 in. High x 10 ft. Long, 12 Gauge Metal

I got three of them, 2 are attached horizontally to the antenna mount and I
cut the 3rd into 4 pieces (2' 1/2") for mounting the panels.

Yes, everyone here who has a pool still have not made use of it despite 100 F
degree weather we've had last week...sad!



Curious. Why not series? Charge controller restriction?


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