I bought one each.

I have the harbor freight 45W kits and the new 145W panels available.

I have the ability to have both 12V and 24V battery banks with their own controler.

I have read that it is best not to max out the gti's sun-500g is actually 450w normal output power with 10.8v to 30v input voltage.

My question is how do I limit the watts in to the GTI?

Do I just add up the watts of the panels going to the GTI?

I plan to use 15a breakers in a squrare d power box.  Two harbor freight to each breaker.

Each breaker would then have 15+15 watts.

I can flip breakers to add up in 30 watt each.

Therefore how many watts shall I flip to load the gti for a no worry install.

15 x 30W=450 which is the rated load.

If I run a computer case fan  to keep it cooler, should I run 10x30W=300W or would 8X30W=240W be better.

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