Read while searching about the praise given to the EZ products MPPT250 and was wondering if all are still satisfied?  Getting ready to add my 3rd HF kit so I should have the needed 68 watts min. with no problem and just wanted to make sure it would be a good entry level controller.



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Got mine a few weeks ago. Works great! Running two 30 volt 124 watt panels. I've seen over 19 amps with my panels fixed in an almost East direction. I wouldn't think twice about buying another.

Can you tell me where you purchased yours from?  Checked pvpower and they are showing public order min. $200

I got mine from . They are in Oregon, so i was hoping for timely shipping. (I'm in Washington) I would say the customer service sucks, but the price was right. After a week of no response, I called and was told BZ was back-ordered and they would be sending my tracking info Friday or Monday. I emailed the following Tuesday after no response again and was told my tracking number wasn't sent from BZ, but all the others were.

Short story long, The Solar Store sucks and they don't mention the item isn't in stock. It will ship from BZ in MO. There is apparently high demand for the unit and they are having problems keeping up. All understandable when the time is taken to explain that to the customer. I would give them a call first to see if they have it. I think it was $126. I wanted to get it from PVPower, but saw the $200 minimum.

Scratch that. No BZ products on their site anymore.

would probably be willing to order a couple from PVPower and someone could have the other for cost and actual shipping.  Should be around $115 or so, still cheaper thant he others providing they have any in stock.

UPDATE:  Checked with pvpower and they said BZ is currently in the process of moving their factory and will not be producing any charge controllers for a couple of weeks.  Still will order 2 or more if anyone might be interested.


Was going to suggest solarblvd but they show no BZ mppt in stock at the moment.

yes i have been waiting for my bz 500 for a month and a half but i still like the price from pv but they lied and said it was in stock but its cool cause i have a bz250 works great talk to pv they finaly told me bz was moving so hope i get mine befor june 19 or it will be two months or so in waiting but they r worht it ask pv call them and get a sales rep will work with u for under 200 bucks good luck and hope i can get mine with in the month of june lol



I have a BZ MPPT500, the unit has been working flawlessly for about 3 years. It has been a great purchase for entry into the MPPT field for me.   At the time I bought mine it was not so hard to get one.  So for me, no issues and has performed as advertised.  For the money it could not be beat. I would like more of a display but the price point would jump to the next level if a better display was incorporated.


Hopefully they work out the distribution issues.



I wrote and received a reply from BZ products and he said they were on the move and should have product early this week.

Thought I would try my luck and placed an order thru  Priced at $110 plus shipping etc.


mine has been working fine since installed a year ago


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