Been a while, been workin and saved for another puzzle piece.

Hurray, I got my Xantrex 600 and got a $50.00 gift card for dads day. It's going for 0 gauge wire.

Is this correct? 0 gauge to positive and negative buss bars, then 6 wire to rouge charge controller?

0 gauge from buss to Xantrex inverter with 80 amp fuse/ breaker? My battery bank is 440 AH.

Can I just clamp short piece of solid earth ground wire and clamp it on the existing earth groud from the charge controller?  Or should I just make a earth ground buss bar?

For the AC breaker box do you just add a male plug to say 10 gauge solid core wire plug to inverter and other end to + and - in the AC box.

Sorry guys here I go thinking again.

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Welcome back Mike! Before the guys start jumping in here to get you on track specify your lengths. It is critical how far buss bars will be from batteries. And how far your charge controller will be from buss bars etc. No estimates here, figure out where you are mounting this stuff and exactly how long each run of wire will be.


Of course make sure you have a copy of a wire sizing chart handy. Here's one I post here regularly.....


How Long and What Gauge Should My Wiring Be?

The wire sizes are fine...6 ga wire is basically the biggest you can stick in the Rogue anyway. So that just going to the batteries from the Rogue is fine.,

Can I just put my 80 amp between the + on the batt and buss +.

The inverter calls for 80 amp between bat and inverter.......gonna run inverter from + buss anyway....does this make sense?  


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