Hi everyone i have two 45 watt kits and a AIMS 5000 watt inverter and wanted to know what type ob battery would the best RV marine car just noy sure any help??

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I would go with two golf cart batteries. Each battery is 6 volts so you must wire them in series, positive to negative, this will give you 12 volts. You should get close to 225 ah. These batteries are true deep cycle batteries. The lead plates inside the batteries are larger and can take many more discharges versus a standard car battery. If your read anywhere on a battery cold cranking amps or reserve hrs these batteries are not true deep cycle. Batteries called marine deep cycle are a hybrid between true deep cycle and a starting battery. The plates are larger then a car battery but smaller then a true deep cycle battery. I hope this helps. One more thing you never want to discharge a battery more then 80% if you do this will shorten the life of your batteries.
Thank you i'm tring to get this all figured out golf cart batt it is thanks again
SAMs club has good pricing on these batteries. The batteries aren't listed online, you have to go to the store to purchase them. I believe they are 225 amp hrs at 6 volts. I hope this helps
Costco sells the golf cart batteries too. I bought 4 there earlier this year, around $80 each.


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