I upgraded my lower amp hour AGM's with Sam's golf cart batteries. The set up is in the garage. I have read other forums talking about battery bank venting of the hydrogen gas that is released when equalizing the batteries.  Right now, the batteries are on a rubber mat in the back of the garage.  Do these need to be in a sealed box? If so, it will need to be vented. Vent using intake air from inside? Or outside? I know a vent would need to be run through the wall to the outdoors. It has been years since I maintained flood cell batteries. 

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yeah the Sam's  Club Golf cart batts let me see'em


I have my batteries in a tuff tote I bought at lowes for $20 and I used a Hole saw and vented them outside. How big are the batteries and dimension's. depending how big they are should be able to fit 4 in my tuff tote.

I will get pics and measurements tomorrow.  It is in the dark corner of the garage.  I plan on upgrading the number of batteries.  I am eaten up with solar.  We were without commercial power over 12 hours today.  Thank goodness for the 20 kW Generac.....and some solar.  I'll post the updated pics and info tomorrow.  What got me thinking about venting, there are many pics of batteries sitting on racks in the room without any enclosure.  I will run a box fan directly across the batteries when they are gassing.  The garage doors will be open during that day, too.

The batteries are 8" x 11".  New pics on the profile.  I bought a 120v LED outdoor floodlight in Lowe's Christmas area for $9.99.  It is wired in the Morningstar inverter and on a switch.  I use it to work on the batteries.  I forgot last night it was there.  I would have taken pics then.  Senior moment. 

THe Optima agm's worked out great, but they are only 55 amp hr.  I have seen some 8D agm's at 230-250 amp hrs.  Does anyone make larger amp hr agm's?  I would LOVE a 400-500 amp hr agm.  Especially at 6v.

I used one 225 ah 8D8G Deka AGM to run my cabin on weekends and huntig season.  Works great but are very expensive retail.($500.00 they say)  fortunately I travel near the Deka Outlet for business and can stop.  Still expensive but the battery is 4 years old and doesn't show any signs of slowing down.  Recently I "retired" it to my house and it runs my 120v 4 foot tube lights in my garage off an inverter.  Works great. 


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