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So, I have like a ton of questions scattered all over the forums, a pain to try to follow and understand with everything else mingled in. So, if ya all don't mind I thought I would just start this one page that I can post to and do be able to find it easily later for future reference.

Currently I have a one set of HF 45 watt system. It is the old kit....ugh....hate the metal mounting system...thank God I don't need it! 

I just bought my battery, I considered the golf cart option but opted for a deep cycle 12 volt anyway....just used to dealing with normal batteries I guess. 

Here is the battery I bought , I paid $69.00.   I really went what I can afford then anything else. I had to pry this much out of my wives hands as it was!

My goal is to just have emergency power for now. Sure I would love to run the whole home off grid BUT I need to take baby steps. 

I am posting a picture of my water pump for my well.  Hoping ya all can help me with what I need to run it on HF kits when the power goes out.  Here is the pic....

it says 230 volts...I am not sure what I am dealing with is my well system...and when power goes out...I have  no running water!

so How can I hook this up to run off HF panels?

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i buy one from you!!!

i love the simple answers!!!!

Just wondering.... I have two stackable 2500/5000 watt modified sinewave inverters I have stacked them to get 5000/10000 watts I run my garage door opener skill saw other power tools, some lights and my hole house fan the most watts I have pulled so far was with the skill saw at 1120 watts no wear near the max power I have. I have 4 six volt golf cart batteries for a total of 880 amph my wife left the house fan on all night and pulled the batteries down to 11.7 volts will that kill my batteries? I have 145 watts of solar panels on the roof they charged the batteries back up in a day the controller showed 8.7 amps but the batteries were full I checked the amps at the combiner and had 10.25 amps with the modified sine inverters whats not going to work with them? I run my house stereo off them as well.

Hey Mark, ideally you never want to go below the critical level of 11.9 - 12 volts. But will this one time to 11.7 kill your batteries. No, of course not. Especially since you have batteries that are designed to take a beating. Yet another benefit of biting the bullet and doing your batteries right.

On another note, you may want to copy and paste your question/post into a "new discussion". You'll get a lot more members to respond. It will get lost here in Brians "All my questions in one spot" discussion.


The modified wave inverter will run any brush type motor well, drills and  skill saws or filiment light bulbs. Capacitor start motors get fussier! On things like T.V. and radios, some do work well, most don't! You will get huming noise in the sound and bars in the picture, also the efficiencies go down and we run warm. Pure sine wave solves all of this!

On the batteries, don't make a practice of doing this to them. But I doubt you'll have a problem from one shot. Repeated times will definetly do them in soon.

Thanks for the reply guys, that alone answered my questions.

hey gladwe all can help

The old panels I jusrt bought for 50.00 dollars...20 of em are called Arco anyone got any specs on these old panels?

a google search seems to say these are 12 volt panels. possible 30-40 watts

I believe if they are ARCO 12 volt..They are rated for 30 watts max. I have seen these before.

But if i read right you have 20 of them or more...Nice find for $50

ok when I put the meter on them there at 15 volts.....!!!   So I gues they are rated as a 12 volt panel then?


Yeah I got 20 of them....for 50 bucks. He wanted 120.   but I just stalled a month and he called back with a 50 buck offer. So if these are 15 volts...can I use them to charge marine batteries?


How many watts or amps?   I dont know how to read my dang meterto figure the specs out!!!@


Now what kind of charge controller am I gonna need for all this?   ahhhhhhhh....soooooo many questions!!!



20 panels, 12 volt each, 30 watt
so if I worked the math right...I am looking at a total of 240 volts, 600 watts and 8 amps...right?

I really apperciate the help peeps!

The longer I work the math the less I think it is right. Can someone tell me what charge controller to buy based on the 20 panels...I am gonna run it as a seprate system.


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