How many amps does the 45 watt -3 pannel kit accually put out ?

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very dependent on location, angle etc.


look at the back of the panel and you will see something like

Maximum Power voltage ( Vpm ): 17.5 Volts

Maximum power current ( Ipm ): 6.3 Amp

Open circuit voltage ( Voc ): 21.2 Volts

Short circuit current ( Isc ): 7.5 Amp


this will give you a clue as to the panel makeup.. i believe the HF kit panels are ~ 1.something amp so 3 should be around 3 amp (haven't looked at mine)


There is loss due to cable length, angles, etc

I think most people do get around 3 amps on the average.
Thanks guys. I wanted to make sure because I plan on lengthning the wires from controller about 5-7 ft. I plan on makeing a quick disconect block on outside of our popup camper so I can hook up wires outside rather than the usual feeding of wires thru the different passage ways each time I want to move the pannels.I think I'll use about 7ft of #10 wire so I shouldnt have a problem. This solar thing sure answered our problems to power we boondock camp to save $150.00 week on campgrounds. With this kit a 1000 watt inverter and 125 amp hr. deepcell we create all the 110 and 12 volt power, wife and I need in a day ,without that Dang generator! No noise, No messy gas to fool with,,  just clean and green power thats FREE ! I,ll post pics of our simple set up soon.


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