I have contacted the customer service desk at Harbor Freight. You can buy the CFL 12 volt bulbs, the cost is $9.72 each.

To order give the part number of the solar panel kit and part number 4, this is how the CFL are listed. You can on buy direct from California, home office


Good Luck

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Even though I don't currently* use the lamps I would thank you for the time to check that out.

I started wondering about Harbor Freight's supplier for the kit components, and perhaps there's another outlet. Well, I didn't get that far but did find out who makes some of the kit components & thought I would post it. A company called Topray, or Shenzhen Topray Solar Co Ltd.
Check out some of these links;


http://www.topraysolar.com/uploadfiles/product/Topray_solarchargers... (page 14)

http://www.topraysolar.com/uploadfiles/download/E-catalogue.pdf ( page 5, 7, 18, 20, 22)

Btw, notice on pg 22, the 3 in 1 adaptor.


currently* 12v pun detected.

.http://www.solarseasy.com 5-30 watt bulbs


Sorry for the huge link. This is the Topray 4 pack for $36.99, free shipping.

Was meaning to note this, The other weekend at Walmart while buying another battery I passed by the small RV accessory section just outside of the automotive dept. They had some screw-in style 12v bulbs there, not in the reg. lighting section. The list price was cheap enough but the ones I saw were 50w.
I plead the 5th.

Alright then.


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